• April Fools’ Day Dinner

    “Our family has the most hilarious time laughing and lingering over this meal.”

    Post by Tori Guess from Family Fun Magazine:

    Our family:
    Tori and Tommy Guess of Lafayette, Colorado, and our kids, Tegan, age 7, and Tray, 9.

    Our tradition: 
    On April 1, we share a really wacky meal that was inspired by a summer camp game. It’s wacky not because of what we eat, but how we eat it: for every course, each family member gets to have just three random things that are on the table – and only those three things. So you could wind up with milk, butter, and pepper! The crazier the combos, the more fun it is.

    How we prep: 
    We start by making the list of everything we’ll be eating or using at the table that night, including the tableware and the condiments. If we’re serving pasta, for instance, we list the noodles and the sauce separately. We make a copy of the list for each family member, then cut them apart, one item per strip of paper, and put a complete list in each person’s cup. Finally, we set cookie sheets in front of everyone to contain the mess.

    Once the meal begins:
    Each person draws three items from his or her cup, and it’s hilarious to see everyone’s reactions. The kids especially love Tommy’s mock indignation when he gets a strange grouping. Once that round is finished, we remove any utensils, rinse off the cookie sheets if needed, and start over. It takes a long time to get through all of the courses, usually five or six, so there are a lot of laughs along the way.

    A few more rules: 
    You can decline any of the items you draw, but you can’t get them again later. And you don’t have to mix the foods together.

    Our craziest combos: 
    Once, Tommy got a plate, a fork, and butter. Another time, Tegan got a cup, a knife, and a fork, but nothing to eat!

    Funniest moment: 
    Whenever someone gets a drink, but no cup. We pour it right into his or her mouth, and it always cracks us up.

    How we got started: 
    We had just moved from Virginia and wanted to do something really fun and unusual to perk up the kids. We’d been wanting to try this camp game at home, and April 1 seemed like the perfect day.

    Why we love it: 
    Tori:   It really is so exciting. You never know what’s coming next.
    Tommy:   What a great way to just relax and have fun with your family.
    Tray:   I can eat with my hands!
    Tegan:   It’s very, very silly.


    Are you going to try this April Fools’ Day Dinner out with your family tonight? Let us know how it turned out, and let the giggles ensue!

    Top photo by Flickr user Dustin Steller. Middle photo by Next Door.

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