• April Fools’: The Salt and Pepper Switcheroo

    Tiny Prints shares today’s April Fools’ Day prank that you can play on your kids:

    Supplies needed:

    • Glass salt and pepper shakers
    • A paper towel or napkin

    Step One: Create a Paper Towel Cup Inside Each Glass Shaker

    The shakers have to be glass so your kids will be extra confused. We didn’t have any on hand, so we made a pseudo-shaker out of this mini bottle to illustrate how you would use a piece of a paper towel to create a hidden cup inside the lid of each shaker.

    Simply remove the lid, rip off a small square of tissue or paper, and gently press down to create a miniature cup inside the neck of the bottle or shaker.

    Step Two: Add Pepper to the Salt and Salt to the Pepper

    Gently pour pepper into the cup at the top of the salt shaker, and add salt to the cup at the top of the pepper shaker. The cups will keep the different spices from mingling so your kids will be none the wiser!

    Step Three: Replace the Cap and Wait for the Fun

    When your kids try to use the salt shaker, pepper will come out (and vice versa)!


    Are you planning on pulling a prank on your kids this April Fools’ Day? 

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