• Crafty Corner: Coffee Filter Butterfly

    Create colorful springtime cheer with this adorable project from My Kids Make:

    With only a few materials, your kids can create beautiful butterflies to decorate your home!


    • Coffee Filters
    • Clothespin (the wooden kind)
    • Markers, paint, glitter etc.
    • Colored Construction Paper
    • Glue

    Grab a pile of coffee filters and let your kids decorate them. {We actually use the natural coffee filters that are brown colored and this project still worked.}

    Use watercolor paint, markers, glitter glue, etc. and have fun decorating the filters!

    While the coffee filters dry, get out the clothespins. We painted ours various colors. You could use marker to color them, or leave them plain.

    Cut two thin strips of colored construction paper and glue them on to each clothespin {for the antennae}.

    Once all is dry, bunch the coffee filter in the center and clip it with the clothespin.  Fan the coffee filter out on each side {for the butterfly’s wings}.

    Hang your butterfly from a string in the window, or from the ceiling in a play room.  How about gluing a magnet to the back of the clothespin and sticking it to your fridge. The options are endless.

    In no time, these cute butterflies will be decorating your house, just like they are mine!

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