• Crafty Corner: How To Make A Tutu

    Don’t we all love tutus? They’re perfect for playtime – whether your little girl dresses up as a cheerleader or as a princess.

    Holly at Heart Break Kids shows how simple it is to make your own tutus as home. They’re so simple to make, you’ll wonder why you never thought of making them before!

    Adorable Crafty Corner post by Holly at Heart Break Kids:

    Supplies needed:

    • ½" elastic (I prefer the braided elastic)
    • 6" spools of tulle (Found in any craft store, sometimes in the bridal section)
    • 1 yard of double faced satin ribbon (Optional)
    • Needle and thread
    • Large book 

    First, get your princess’s waist measurement.My daughter is two, and her waist is just shy of 20". When I make her a tutu, I start with a 16 ½" piece of elastic. That may sound small, but once you start tying on the tulle, the elastic is going to stretch out–a lot!

    Take the elastic, overlap the ends about ½"-1", and sew them together. You can do this by hand or with a machine. I used to do them by hand, but now it is just more efficient for me to sew them on a machine. 

    I also like to “double sew” the ends, so that the elastic stays nice and flat. I sew one edge down, and then I slide the elastic over and sew the other edge down. 

    Clear as mud? Hopefully you get the picture.  Literally, look at the picture:

    Set your elastic aside, and get ready to cut your tulle. Depending on the size and length of the tutu, you will use anywhere from 25-75 yards of tulle.

    Ten inches is the standard length that I use when making a tutu. However, depending on the age and size, I do make different lengths. For this tutu-orial (get it?  tutu tutorial all together–cute right? no?) I am going to say we’re making a 10" length tutu.  So roll out 20" of tulle and cut.  Roll out 20 more inches, and cut again.  Repeat. And repeat. And repeat about a billion times. Okay. I exaggerate. 

    The number of pieces you will need to cut depends on how you want your finished product to look.If you want a very simple play tutu, you could get away with about 30 pieces. If you want your tutu to be a little bit more full, you probably want to start with 60 pieces. If you want a tutu like you see in my photos, you will want to start with 75-100 pieces.

    So, start cutting! And don’t worry about keeping the cut pieces all nice and flat. Just smoosh them in a pile and they will be fine.

    I am just noticing that it is a bit hard to see the orange tulle that I am cutting in this picture.  Trust me, I am actually cutting something!

    Once you are done cutting, you are ready to start tying.

    Take your elastic and stretch it around your book. (I use different books for each different width of tutu that I make.  If I used the same book for every different width, they would all end up being about the same width in the end.  So, find a book that has a circumference larger than your elastic, but still smaller than your princess’s waist measurement–you don’t want to stretch the elastic so far that it looses it’s stretchiness!)

    Take a piece of tulle, and find the middle. Slide the top of the tulle under the elastic, and make a slip not around the elastic. Repeat and repeat and repeat.

    For play tutus, tie the knot loosely. For more full tutus, tie a tighter knot. 

    Find the middle 

    Slide the tulle under the elastic

    Start your slip knot

    Pull the ends through

    Pull the ends down (this is a loose knot) 

    This is what the loose knots for a play tutu should look like 

    This is a tight knot

    These are what your knots should look like for a fluffier tutu

    After you have completely covered all of elastic with tulle, give the tutu a nice stretch.

    There will be about an inch or two of elastic that comes out of the tulle like this: 

     Fill in the gap from the elastic stretch, and you will have a single layer tutu that looks like this: 

    Now, many people would stop there, and that is where I used to stop as well.  However, since I have now made hundreds–literally hundreds!–of tutus, I have improved a bit and I have learned how to make my tutus even poofier! 

    So, if you want to keep going, here’s what you need to do:

    Continue tying more pieces of tulle onto the tutu with slip knots, but instead of pulling them so tight that they touch the elastic, make sure that they only cover the tulle from the first layer of your tutu. Do this all the way around the tutu, forming a second layer.

    You will be amazed at how much fluffier your tutu gets!

    Finally, I like to add a ribbon to my tutus.

    In order to keep the ribbon from fraying, I very quickly burn the edges of the ribbon with a lighter. It only takes a second to form a seam, so be quick or you will melt your ribbon! 

    The final product: 

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