• Crafty Corner: Tooth Fairy Bags

    Happy National Tooth Fairy Day! Losing your baby teeth is one of the few times that you are paid for something you’ve lost, and we’ve all got the mysterious Tooth Fairy to thank for that.

    Crafting blog The Purl Bee introduced us to these lovely Tooth Fairy Bags – perfect for the next loose tooth ready to come out!

    From The Purl Bee:


    We thought we’d try to make the whole Tooth Fairy ritual a little more fun by making a colorful bag complete with a special tooth-shaped pocket for the baby tooth. The Tooth Fairy can take away the tooth and leave the loot in the bag.

    This is a really quick project. So quick that you might want to whip up a few in different colors for the different kids (and teeth!) in your life.


    To make 1 3-inch x 3-inch bag:


    • Trace the tooth template on the ecru felt and cut it out.
    • Cut the bright felt into a 3-inch x 8-inch rectangle.
    • Cut the yarn into two 14-inch pieces.

    The Top Hems

    • Fold and pin each short side in ½ an inch towards the wrong side.

    • Using the bright embroidery thread, sew these folds down with a small running stitch. You will later thread the drawstring through the small tube created by these hems, so make sure not to sew them closed.

    The Tooth

    • Fold the piece in half right side facing, so the two hems meet up at the top.
    • Place the tooth shape in the center of the folded piece and pin it down to the top layer of felt.

    • Using the ivory embroidery thread sew the tooth in place keeping the top open to create a little pocket as shown above.

    Sewing up the Sides

    • Fold the piece in half again with the right side facing out and the top hems matching.
    • Pin the sides closed.

    • Using the bright embroidery thread sew both of the sides closed with a small running stitch and stop at the top hem. Do not sew alll the way to the top, leave the tubes created by the top hems open.

    Adding the Drawstrings

    • Thread a large, dull needle point needle with one of the 14-inch pieces of yarn and pull it through one of the top hem tubes.

    • Then turn around and thread the same length through the opposite tube.

    • Tie a knot at the end of the length of yarn.
    • Repeat this on the opposite side of the top hem with the other 14-inch length of yarn.

    • Trim both of the ends of the yarn drawstrings…

    • … and you’ll be able tighten the top of the bag by pulling on the opposite drawstrings.

    Now all you have to do is wait for the Tooth Fairy!

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