• Hot Topic: Ohio Mom Charged with Felony in Ohio School District Case

    The biggest news story affecting parents this week was the sentencing of Ohio mom, Kelley Williams-Bolar:

    As reported by ABC news here, Williams-Bolar was convicted of a felony and 10 days in jail for falsifying records of her residency in order for her daughters to attend an esteemed school district outside Akron, Ohio where they reside. 

    Though the children’s father did live within the limits of the esteemed Copley-Fairlawn School District, it was not within the limits Williams-Bolar’s actual residency she shared with her daughters in Akron.

    Photo via Summit County Sheriff’s Office/Fox 8

    What’s worse is that Williams-Bolar is finishing up a degree at the University of Ohio to  become a certified school teacher.

    Many local residents and parents were outraged at Williams-Bolar’s sentence.

    What are your thoughts? Was her punishment too harsh? Is this an example of parents going too far to for their children’s education? Share your thoughts below!

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