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    All stores will open at 9:30 AM today.


  4. Getting it Right: the Baby Shower Gift

    Shopping for baby showers can be an anxious ordeal. What will this baby you’ve never met really need? What kind of look will the mother want for her baby? Does it look like I spent enough time/money on this gift?

    The first two questions you shouldn’t worry about too much – most moms relish having lots of options for their baby – but the last one is worth considering. A baby shower gift should look presentable and, dare we say, kinda expensive.

    But looking expensive and actually being expensive are two different things. That’s why our selection of baby shower gifts look like you spent $100, even if you only spent $20. Many are designed specifically for showers, prepackaged with ribbons and cards.

    Let’s take a look at some of our most popular picks.

    This 5-piece set from Luvable Friends is great addition to baby’s wardrobe. The items look great together, but also mix and match well with other layette. At just $12.99 it’s also an incredible value.

    This plush blanket from Carter’s Watch the Wear is guaranteed to be a favorite for baby and parent. The ribbon on the package makes this gift ready to give.

    This Kids Line 8-piece set can transform any room into a nursery. Baby will love the bright colors and cute animal motifs. 

    Stylish moms and dads will appreciate the rustic, toned-down look of this Eddie Bauer diaper bag. The go-with-anything design means mom doesn’t need to spend much time coordinating her outfit to this bag – and dad might appreciate the opportunity to carry this diaper bag a little more than, say, this one


  5. Making Time for Time Management

    Time management is an important life skill, and the earlier you can teach it to your kids, the better. Proper time management not only leads to better academic performance, it lets your kids free up time to do whatever they want, which reduces stress. But when and how do you start teaching your kids about managing time?

    Kids 10 - 13 years old typically have a basic understand of timing and deadlines. This is also around when academics and other activities can really start to pile on, overwhelming many kids, so it’s a good idea to start teaching time management before things get really hectic at school or at home. If you’re looking for a good time of year to teach time management, try teaching them around summer, the end of a school vacation, or any other generally slow time when they can devote some extra capacity to the project of time management.

    Ask your child to split up their upcoming deadlines and events into have-to-do and want-to-do tasks. Have-to-dos will be things like math homework or soccer practice, while want-to-dos will be things like playing video games or chatting with friends on the phone. This teaches them to prioritize.

    Once tasks and times have been divided, the more difficult part begins: making a schedule. Making a schedule can be tricky because it can be hard to determine how much time is needed nightly for a long-term project. A heavy load of homework one night can throw off the whole rest of the week’s schedule. Let your child know these are just estimates and they can always adjust things as they go. As time goes on, they should have a better idea of how long a given task will actually take. It helps to overestimate how much time a task will take, especially in the beginning. Any surplus time becomes time for want-to-do tasks.

    It’s important to get your child into the habit of constantly updating and adjusting their schedule. If they have a smartphone or tablet, make sure they’re using the calendar function, but if not, invest in a simple paper calendar for them. This makes it easier to keep track of due dates and social obligations so they’ll never miss a beat. One might think that keeping track of play dates is excessive, but it’s just as valid a way to learn time management as scheduling math homework.      

    Time management habits carry through kids’ college years and into their adult life. People with good time management skills experience less stress than their disorganized peers, because they find they actually have the time to relax. Who wouldn’t want that for their kids?


  6. Store Hours, Wednesday February 5th

    As of 6:20 AM the MTA is running with no delays. All Cookie’s locations are expected to open at 9:30 AM


  7. Boots for Girls

    Every girl’s wardrobe could use a pair of boots, but the right pair can be hard to find. They need to balance fashion and function, and if you add in affordability, it can really limit your selection. But we’ve rounded up some boot picks that give girls the best of all worlds. Check them out!  

    Designer touches make these wedge boots by Rachel a top pick for winter. Fashionable and warm!

    These Lilly boots are the perfect thing to brighten up a rainy day. The rubber construction keeps water out, while the pull loops making getting dressed easy.   

    If you’re looking to add some edge to her wardrobe, look no further than these Yokids boots. The colorful lining adds a pop of color. The exterior is rugged yet feminine. The pocket adds a cool final touch. 

    Warm and snuggly is the name of the game with these Rugged Bear boots. Check out the toggle clasp – an eye-catching Old World touch.


  8. A History of Jersey

    Jersey is one of the most commonly used fabrics on the planet. You can find it in everything from sheets to T-shirts. But did you know that this ubiquitous fabric has a long and intriguing history?

    Jersey gets its name from the Channel Island of Jersey, off the coast of France. The island has been a large producer of textiles since medieval times. Medieval jersey was a much rougher material than the one we are used to. It was also made out of wool. Today jersey is usually made of cotton, though it can also be made from wool, synthetic fibers, or a blend.

    Jersey evolved into the fabric we know today over many years. During the 1910s it was typically used in undergarments, and not much else.

    Jersey didn’t become a fashion staple until the 1920s. In 1916 Coco Chanel began using the fabric in her fashion creations, revolutionary at the time. The trend caught on.

    The industrial revolution made jersey cheap and easy to mass produce, which added to its popularity.  

    All these items are 100% cotton jersey.

    Today’s jersey can stretch roughly 25% when moving with the grain. It’s thin enough to layer, and though people used to worry about jersey shrinking in the wash, most jersey today is washed before use, minimizing shrinking.

    For all these reasons, jersey is an ideal fabric for kids clothing. So time you’re looking for something durable and comfy for your little one, keep an eye out for jersey! 






  9. Bedtime Means Bedtime

    Many kids will avoid going to sleep no matter how exhausted they are. They’ll argue with you while yawning and rubbing their eyes. If this is the situation in your household, you may wonder about whether your kids are really getting the sleep they need. What methods can you use to make sure your kids are getting to bed and sleeping enough?

    WebMD offers this handy breakdown for how much sleep kids should be getting: 3 – 6 year olds, 10 – 12 hours of sleep; 7 – 12 year olds, 10 – 11 hours of sleep; 12 – 18 year olds, 8 – 9 hours of sleep. These are rough guidelines that you can alter to suit your child’s needs. Trust your instincts; if your kids look tired all the time, they’re not getting enough sleep.

    No matter what age your kids are, it’s important to stick to a regular schedule for bedtime. If you make sure your child gets to bed and wakes up at the same time every day, they’ll begin to develop an internal rhythm. In a matter of weeks you won’t need to remind them about bedtime, because their biological clock will be primed for sleep. Being on a schedule also makes it easier to wake up in the morning.

    Even with a schedule in place, many children will bicker with you when night arrives, claiming they’re not tired. Why do kids do this? Sometimes the mind just doesn’t realize how tired the body is. Certain activities can exacerbate this problem. Screen time of any sort – computer, TV, mobile phone – often disrupts the process of winding down toward sleep. You may want to consider banning or limiting the use of such devices in the hour or two before bed. Replace screen time with activities more conducive to falling asleep, like reading a book or listening to music.

    Many kids, especially energetic ones, simply don’t get enough opportunities during the day to put their energy to good use. This can lead to genuine sleeplessness. Make sure your child is getting enough exercise. An hour or two at the park or playing in the backyard can make all the difference when it comes to bedtime. Limiting sugar and caffeine intake is another way to make sure your children feel sufficiently tired at night.

    If your kids are still not sleeping after taking these kinds of steps, contact your pediatrician to look into other sources of insomnia. But for most kids, these tips will suffice and they’ll be asleep in no time. 


  10. Maximizing the School Uniform

    Some girls dread wearing their school uniform because they feel it stops them from expressing themselves through fashion. Although a uniform can be limiting, almost any school dress code has some room for improvisation. Let’s take a look at some fun items and unique ways to help your little lady make her school uniform more her!

    At first glance this may appear like any other button-down blouse. Chances are an item just like this one, or a polo shirt, are the cornerstone of your daughter’s school uniform. But look deeper and you’ll find we carry hundreds of variations with different cuts, colors, collars, and more! Mixing it up allows your daughter to subtly modify her everyday look.

    A character backpack is a great way to let her personality shine. This one features Tori from VicTORIous, a fun musical note print, and comfortable padded straps. She can also ditch the backpack altogether and go for a fashionable messenger bag or a convenient rolling bag.

    Fun hair accessories are another way to break the monotony of a daily school getup. This floral headband will make her feel special while in her uniform. Pair it with some matching jewelry and you can create some really special looks.

    Even if it’s not required by your child’s school, a good tie can really take a school uniform look to the next level, adding a touch of grosgrain shine and an extra pop of color. 

    Many school uniforms require knee-high socks. She can avoid traditional blacks, browns, and blue and instead go for something with a bit more pop. These SpongBob socks are the perfect mix of quirky charm and all-day comfort.