1. Hats off to Winter Accessories!

    Last week we showed you some great deals on coats. But a coat alone won’t lock out all the wintry elements. No winter outfit is complete without gloves, a hat, and a scarf. That’s because the three areas those accessories cover (hands, head, neck) lose the most heat.

    Let’s take a look at some boy’s winter accessories that are sure to keep him toasty.

    This Disney set is a must-have for any fan of the Cars franchise! It’s made of itch-free acrylic and has cool Cars graphics. The set includes gloves, a scarf, and a hat for under $10 – everything your boy will need this winter for an exceptionally low price. 

    Like all Spyder products, these gloves are built for high performance even in the most adverse winter conditions. They’re made of warm stretch-fleece, and feature grips so he won’t lose hold of his ski pole. Ski trip, anyone?

    A unique look and tons of winter functionality make this USPA hat a guaranteed hit with your little guy. The fleece lining couples with ear flaps to keep his whole head warm.

    This Polar Wear hat and scarf sets serves up warmth and classic style. The knit acrylic locks in the heat. The bold striped pattern adds a pop of color – just what he needs on a grey winter day! 


  2. Keeping it Current

    When a major news event occurs – natural disaster, financial turmoil, political scandal – kids get curious, and most often it’s up to parents to explain what’s going on. But this process catches many parents off guard. Most news stories are very complex, so how do you simplify them for kids? Furthermore, the news can be pretty scary, so should you leave out gruesome or disheartening details? 

    Before you can approach these kinds of questions, it’s first important to get into a routine where you and your kids discuss current events regularly. Think about what times of day might be appropriate to start this discussion – some time when your kids are alert, but looking for something to do.  

    Sometimes one event is all it takes to get your child interested. A local news story can be a good entry point because it allows your child to put abstract news into the context of their life. Are there any stories brewing on a local level you think your child might find enlightening?  

    Once you find a news event you think will interest your child, collect some articles about it from the internet or newspapers. Make sure it’s juicy stuff, preferably with a video or two, and try to seek out a news event that seems to be ongoing, such as the debates on fracking or gun control. If your kids need more information, help them find new sources. Take them to the library or even on a field trip – show them that you support their quest for knowledge.  

    What if some news stories go way over your kid’s head? Not to worry. There are many kid-friendly online news resources out there, such as Dogo, Time for Kids, and Scholastic. These resources specialize in taking complex news events and breaking them down in relatable and understandable ways. Let your child read these, you read the grownup stuff, and then the two of you can discuss.

    When your kids get a bit older you can have even richer discussions about what certain issues mean to them, and how they think a given story is going to play out. But what about the darker side of the news? News stories of famine, genocide, and sectarian violence are never in short supply. Should you share these stories with your children? It depends on their age and maturity level, but eventually, yes. Your kids trust you as their confidant, the one with whom they can discuss anything. You can’t sugarcoat the dark stuff for them forever, but you can be there to discuss.    

    Lastly, be sure to encourage your kids to formulate their own opinions about current events. You don’t have to agree with them, but telling them there’s no room for their point of view is a sure way to snuff out their budding interest. If you continue to ask for your kids’ opinions, and keep challenging them to delve deeper into a story, before long your kids will be the ones filling you in about the subtle nuances of current events. That should be enough to make any parent proud!


  3. What Kind of Winter Jacket Does $20 Get You?

    A quality winter jacket could be the most expensive thing in your boy’s wardrobe. And that makes sense: after all, you don’t want your little guy to freeze because he has a second rate jacket. By choosing the right winter jacket, you can ensure warmth and style, but how do you do that without breaking the bank?

    Here are some great examples, all for under $100.

    This USPA jacket is an incredible value. Pricing in at just $25, it provides all the warming details you expect from a quality winter jacket, including full insulation, fleece lining, and handwarmer pockets. The logo patches and embroidery are the icing on the cake.

    This iXtreme jacket has it all: a warm fleece lining that extends into the hood, cool camo exterior with piping accents, toasty insulation, and a price tag under $20. Believe it.   

    Nautica is a brand most people associate with a high seas adventure, not a snowy one, but this jacket combines some of Nautica’s trademark preppy style with thoughtful cold-weather features like rib-knit inner cuffs, a zipper cover, and a highly weather-resistant nylon exterior. All that for only $40!

    This Spyder jacket is built for high-performance winter sports – just check out some of the technology that goes into every Spyder jacket. Besides being more advanced than most jetpacks, this jacket has a bold look that’s bound to get him some positive attention on the slopes. A serious skiing and snowboarding jacket for only $100? Only at CookiesKids.com. 


  4. Summer of Love 2014

    The spirit of the 1960s is going to be on full display this spring and summer! Think bright and colorful prints, peace signs, tie-dye, and more.

    But these styles aren’t a total throwback. Designers are taking the best of the sixties and mixing it up with today’s latest styles.

    Let’s see what’s in store for the summer of 2014!



    These jeans feature a psychedelic dip-dye coloration that harkens back to the summer of love. The slim cut, however, is modern and chic. Don’t miss the matching vest! 


    This Star Ride hoodie is just the thing for staying warm on chillier summer evenings. It pairs perfectly with jeans or sweats, and the “Peace and Love” graphic is too groovy. 


    This One Step Up outfit combines elegant stripes with a sequin peace sign. It’s light, comfortable, and totally on-trend.


    These Rising Star booties are sure to be a summer staple. Flower power! 


  5. Our T-Shirts, Ourselves

    Ever tried throwing out your child’s favorite T? Not pretty. And it’s no wonder why kids love T-shirts so much. They’re comfy. They never go out of style. They can go dressy with khakis and a cardigan, or casual with jeans or athletic shorts. And, with their striking slogans and graphics, they help youngsters build their identity. No small thing.    

    Every designer has their own unique take on this wardrobe staple. Which one fits in with your little guy’s style?

    This T shows off the urban cool you expect from Sean John with 12 small vignettes of life in New York City. A must-have for city kids (and city kids at heart). 

    Add a sense of whimsy to your little one’s next adventure with this Paul Frank T. It really shows off the designer’s eye for color and characters.

    Polo shirt detailing makes this U.S. Polo Assn. T something special. While it maintains the basic cut of a T, the large embroidered logo and the number on the sleeve are more reminiscent of a preppy polo shirt. 

    This fashion-forward T by Calvin Klein is all about subtlety. Look closely at the striping: cool camo details. 


  6. OPEN!

    All Cookie’s locations are open today. Come out and SHOP!


  7. More Photos from Our Charity Event with the Brooklyn Nets!

    Check out these pics the Nets took: 


    And in case you missed our post on this fun-filled charity event, check it out here


  8. What Is Tricot?

    Originally designed for athletic use, tricot is one of those magic fabrics that belongs in every kid’s wardrobe. It’s breathable and easy to clean, and because it has a natural shine to it, it seems to add pizzazz to just about any outfit.

    If your little one likes to stay active while looking great, check out these tricot picks!


    It doesn’t get any more classic than these Fila track pants, a practical choice that looks equally fresh at the gym or at the mall.


    This Coogi outfit mixes up a tricot jacket with jeans and a T for a taste of retro style.  


    This Puma 2-piece is game day ready. Plus those fun colors are sure to keep a smile on her face! 


  9. New Year’s Resolutions

    What are your resolutions for 2014? The New Year is traditionally a time for self-improvement, emphasis on self, but what if you include your family in your goals this year? When you share your resolutions with your family and others, they’re more likely to keep you honest, and you have a better shot at success.  

    Instead of just setting goals for yourself this New Year, make 2 sets of goals – some for yourself and some for the whole family. Good examples of family goals include eating healthier, saving money together, or spending more time together.

    Making individual goals is not just for the adults. Talk to your kids about the ways they want to improve themselves in 2014. Try getting your child to set 2 goals. One can be a suggestion from you, something like getting better grades or eating more vegetables. The other can be entirely up to them. Let them know that they will have your support for achieving their goals, and think about how you can motivate them.

    Once your goals are set, write them down. As simple as that may sound, putting goals down in writing goes a long way towards ensuring your family doesn’t forget or waver from them as 2014 wears on. If possible, create a visual model to chart progress. Note improvements in GPA on the fridge or make a graph to show how much your family is saving month-to-month on bills and other expenses.

    Make sure to reward yourself, your partner or spouse, and your kids for reaching milestones in your resolutions. If your family is cutting costs in 2014, maybe you could all agree that part of what is saved will go towards a vacation or something that the whole family can appreciate. The same is true of individual goals. If your child is trying to improve their GPA, tell them they can finally get that Xbox or iPhone if their grades improve by a full point in the coming academic semester. Another great way to boost yourself and your family as you reach milestones? Tweet it or share it on facebook. There’s nothing wrong with a little bragging for motivation – just don’t take it too far!

    Working together as a family can make all the goals you set for 2014 achievable. All you have to do is work together, keep each other motivated, and stay strong even as the months go by. Good luck on achieving your 2014 resolutions, and Happy New Year from CookiesKids.com!


  10. Follow-Up: More Pueblo Print in Stock!

    A couple weeks ago we brought to light the joys of Pueblo prints – those Southwest-inspired geometric designs that enliven any piece of apparel (if you missed it, check out the post here).

    But since then, we’ve received a couple of *new* Pueblo print items we wanted to share.

    First of all, the trend isn’t just for girls. Check out this boys T from Sean John – something Aztec warriors might wear if they time-traveled to modern day NYC:


    If your girl’s going for drama, nothing works quite like a huge Pueblo print cross.


    …except for maybe a huge Pueblo print cross WITH studs around it. Check and check.

    This outfit also amps up the edge with pueblo print and studs:


    It’s like wearing a trip to Tucson!