1. A Cute Way to Say “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

    This Valentine’s Day, show your love by getting crafty with your little one!

    This fun project from Frame Fanatic is easy for little hands and makes a great gift too. Check out the super-easy instructions below and submit pictures of your finished products!

    What you need:

    • Cardstock paper in white, pink, & red
    • Black ink
    • Rub-on numbers
    • Scrapbook glue or other adhesive
    • Frame (optional)

    Step 1: Trace the outside of the hands with a pencil. I really only needed to trace one hand, cut it out, flip it over and trace it the cut-out template to have 2 hands cut out. This is key when trying to keep a busy toddler still while tracing tiny fingers.

    Daughter’s hands cut out in red card stock


    My hands cut out in pink cardstock

    Step 2: Ink the edges of all the hand cut-outs. Once both hands are inked, glue both hands together to make a heart shape.


    Step 3: Adhere the heart-hands onto the page. I tried to layer them slightly so that they both fit onto the 8 x 10 white cardstock. Place rub-ons anywhere you like. I put “2011” to date how tiny my daughter’s hands were this year.

    Step 4 (Optional): Place artwork inside a frame. Voila! Two hands, two hearts, one very special project.

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