1. Winner: April Fools’ Day Contest

    Thank you to everyone who entered and voted in our April Fools’ Day contest on Facebook!

    Your April Fools’ Day pranks really made us chuckle at the crazy shenanigans you’ve pulled on your family and friends.

    Runner’s Up:

    • Sushi treats for school…..Rice Krispies Treats with gummy pieces….wrapped in Fruit Roll-Ups!!! Children loved them!!!! - Kim Nickell 

    The Winner:

    • My favorite April Fools’ joke includes kids, a bowl, some whipped topping (like Coolwhip) and canned peach halves. Place whipped topping in the bowl and place a well-drained peach half in the center so that the rounded part is on top. Tah-dah! Ostrich Eggs! 

      Breakfast will never be the same! 
      I set the table ahead of time and tell only one child who readily gobbles it up! The rest just stare at the bowl, fork in hand, and say, “Where did you get ostrich eggs from?” - Cindy Semrau


    Cindy, please email CustomerService@CookiesKids.com to redeem your prize.


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