1. Dressing Up for Spring Occasions

    As temperatures rise and nature begins to reawaken, your family’s social calendar is bound to start filling up. For many families, springtime brings festive occasions, like religious holidays and weddings, and you’ll want your kids looking their best when those days arrive. But what do you do if your toddler screams and cries at the sight of a suit, or if your tween wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress? Here are some helpful hints to make dressing to impress fuss-free (and maybe even fun) for your children.

    No matter how old your child is, the first thing they need to be is comfortable. It’s hard to have fun at a party when you’re itchy and irritated, too hot or too cold, or worried about wrinkling or lint. When selecting your child’s outfit for a special occasion, opt for light cotton blends, linen, and soft knits to keep things breathable. Remember that spring weather can be breezy and changeable, so that sweet sleeveless dress she loves might need a little something over it. If a cold day ends up turning into a sunny one, you can always peel away the shrugs, jackets, and cardigans for a lighter look.

    When dressing young kids for special occasions, it’s important to keep a practical eye on things. Look for clothing that’s simple to unfasten or, ideally, pull-on. This can be especially important if your child is still potty training. When seconds count between a successful bathroom break and an unfortunate accident, kids need “dash-n-go” dress wear. Dresses with matching diaper covers and suit pants that pull on are great options for keeping things practical.

    If your child is old enough to have an opinion about what they wear, it’s important to let them help pick their special occasion outfit. Many youngsters love to dress up, but if yours doesn’t, compromise is the order of the day. Some teens and tweens rebel against dresswear because it can seem frumpy, old-fashioned, or, worse yet, childlike. If she doesn’t want to wear anything too fluffy or pastel, try a stylish shirt-dress, or a skirt paired with a matching jacket and pretty T. Maybe a suit is too serious for him, but vests might satisfy both his desire to be trendy and your hopes of getting him into formal attire – you can even let him skip the tie, if that makes him more comfortable. You can also compromise with kids by letting them wear their favorite footwear – it can be a satisfying compensation if they’re not wearing their favorite outfit.

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