1. Don’t Forget the…

    Ever left a store, driven home, and then remembered what you really needed to buy? Something about shopping just makes people forgetful sometimes. It happens even more during the back-to-school season, when shopping can get a little hectic; even the most organized parents tend to forget a few things. And sometimes by the time you remember that one extra something, the sales are over.  

    That’s why we had our staff put together a list of overlooked back-to-school essentials. Check them out – we think you’ll find some things that might have slipped your mind.  

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    Rain Gear

    There’s something about shopping in sunny August and September that makes people forget about the rain. However, since fall is one of the rainiest times of year in most places, check out our rain slickers, umbrellas, and rain boots for boys and girls.


    This rain slicker packs away to save space – the perfect thing to keep in a locker.



    Because nobody likes it when their pants fall down.  


    Kids feel a lot better about taking a lunch when it’s their favorite character is part of their lunchtime routine. Thus the small investment in a lunchbox your kid actually likes is totally worth it if you don’t have to pay for school lunches anymore. Better yet, choose a backpack with lunchbox.



    Your kids won’t be doing too much sleeping at school (hopefully) but back-to-school season means that they’ll be getting back together with friends for sleepover parties. They’ll love having the coolest pajamas at the party.  



    Wouldn’t be fall without a favorite hoodie.