1. Bubble, Bubble

    Bubble jackets are a perennial winter favorite. The puffed-up insulation is warm enough to tackle snowstorms, a practical concern, but designers are also finding ways to make these parkas and jackets unique and fashionable. The buoyant, bubbly quilting lets designers play with shape and fit in exciting ways. The result: bubble jackets that are totally poppin’.  

    Check out this long-cut parka from Coogi:

    Elastic ribbing at the waist creates a tapered, feminine fit. It’s a big coat, but looks sleek and slim.

    This Steve Madden jacket is like a mashup of a varsity jacket and a classic bubble:

    Faux leather trim throughout adds an edgy touch.

    This Nautica vest is all about classic styling. There’s something Old World about it, with the toggle clasps and collar, but it still has modern warmth:

    It’s a great match with a sweater, too.  

    Check out the flared hem and bell sleeves of this Velvet Chic coat:

    Very dramatic.

    On a grey and uninviting day, sometimes it can take an extra fashion boost just to get out the door. Make sure your girl has a coat or jacket that keeps her warm but also makes her feel ready to take on the world.