1. Cookies (the Kind You Eat!)

    When you work at a place called CookiesKids.com, it’s hard not to think about cookies at least occasionally. While we don’t sell cookies (yet!), there are several self-proclaimed cookie experts around the CookiesKids.com office, including our founder, whose lifelong nickname is Cookie. Since the holidays are the best time to make and eat cookies, here’s the scoop on some of our favorites. Check out these recipes and ideas!  

    Every year around the holidays, we welcome back some seasonal cookies we forgot about, like gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies with all kinds of festive icing and decorations. These are wonderful, and if your family loves them, by all means make them. But when making holiday cookies, it’s important to keep two things in mind: longevity and moisture. Sugar and gingerbread cookies may look awesome, but they tend to dry out and harden quickly. This can be a problem if you’re trying to make cookies in advance for a holiday gathering; they’ll keep, but they won’t keep tasting good. This year try out these shortbread cookies instead. They keep for a long time, and the buttery taste is superior to both sugar and gingerbread cookies. Plus, you can decorate them just the same.    

    Moms and dads who make cookies for the holidays know that having a wide variety of bite-size cookies is a good idea. It seems like everyone who comes to your home pops them in their mouth – while they last, at least. The debate rages on as to which of these perfect popables is the best, but a perennial favorite seems to be the peanut butter blossom (above). Peanut butter and chocolate meet up on many occasions, but in cookie form they form an unstoppable bond. Pro tip: if left by a warm place, like by the fireside, the chocolate kisses get all melty – all the better.   

    Of course, just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t break out the classic chocolate chip. It seems like every family has their favorite recipe. All these people on Pinterest claim theirs is the best – and it’s pretty difficult to pick a winner. But you have to factor in just what style of chocolate chip cookie you and your family (and Santa) prefers. The soft kind? The crispy kind? The thin kind with a caramelized crust on the bottom? The kind that’s 90% chocolate chunks held together with a mere 10% dough? The kind with potato chips and coffee grounds in it?

    The choice is yours. Viva la cookie!