1. What Kind of Winter Jacket Does $20 Get You?

    A quality winter jacket could be the most expensive thing in your boy’s wardrobe. And that makes sense: after all, you don’t want your little guy to freeze because he has a second rate jacket. By choosing the right winter jacket, you can ensure warmth and style, but how do you do that without breaking the bank?

    Here are some great examples, all for under $100.

    This USPA jacket is an incredible value. Pricing in at just $25, it provides all the warming details you expect from a quality winter jacket, including full insulation, fleece lining, and handwarmer pockets. The logo patches and embroidery are the icing on the cake.

    This iXtreme jacket has it all: a warm fleece lining that extends into the hood, cool camo exterior with piping accents, toasty insulation, and a price tag under $20. Believe it.   

    Nautica is a brand most people associate with a high seas adventure, not a snowy one, but this jacket combines some of Nautica’s trademark preppy style with thoughtful cold-weather features like rib-knit inner cuffs, a zipper cover, and a highly weather-resistant nylon exterior. All that for only $40!

    This Spyder jacket is built for high-performance winter sports – just check out some of the technology that goes into every Spyder jacket. Besides being more advanced than most jetpacks, this jacket has a bold look that’s bound to get him some positive attention on the slopes. A serious skiing and snowboarding jacket for only $100? Only at CookiesKids.com.