1. Getting it Right: the Baby Shower Gift

    Shopping for baby showers can be an anxious ordeal. What will this baby you’ve never met really need? What kind of look will the mother want for her baby? Does it look like I spent enough time/money on this gift?

    The first two questions you shouldn’t worry about too much – most moms relish having lots of options for their baby – but the last one is worth considering. A baby shower gift should look presentable and, dare we say, kinda expensive.

    But looking expensive and actually being expensive are two different things. That’s why our selection of baby shower gifts look like you spent $100, even if you only spent $20. Many are designed specifically for showers, prepackaged with ribbons and cards.

    Let’s take a look at some of our most popular picks.

    This 5-piece set from Luvable Friends is great addition to baby’s wardrobe. The items look great together, but also mix and match well with other layette. At just $12.99 it’s also an incredible value.

    This plush blanket from Carter’s Watch the Wear is guaranteed to be a favorite for baby and parent. The ribbon on the package makes this gift ready to give.

    This Kids Line 8-piece set can transform any room into a nursery. Baby will love the bright colors and cute animal motifs. 

    Stylish moms and dads will appreciate the rustic, toned-down look of this Eddie Bauer diaper bag. The go-with-anything design means mom doesn’t need to spend much time coordinating her outfit to this bag – and dad might appreciate the opportunity to carry this diaper bag a little more than, say, this one