1. High Fashion, High Value

    What is “high fashion”? The term is notoriously hard to pin down. For one, it’s always changing. It’s also highly subjective.

    Unfortunately the term has also become synonymous with high cost. But who says subtle style and sleek sophistication need to be a huge financial setback?

    At CookiesKids.com we’re always looking for ways to bring you great looks for an affordable price. Check out our selection of dresses inspired by the runways of Paris and Milan. 

    This Dream Girl dress is high-fashion essential – elegant, stylish, and cool. Take it in a formal direction with a blazer and a sensible bag. Go glamorous with some showy jewelry. Did we mention it’s a great everyday look without any adornment?

    Denim, and denim-look chambray, is having a huge moment right now. You can go edgy by pairing this Chillipop dress with a leather jacket and boots, or go for a more subdued look by adding a tote and sneakers.

    At first glance this Puma dress looks very athletic, but with a pair of sensible tights and a simple cardigan it becomes at home in more formal environment. It’s also great as is for a day at the park or a BBQ. A versatile dress from a well-known brand for only $20!

    This Beautees dress takes a classic shape and style and spices it up with some rich embroidery. It’s a great party dress, but with a casual blazer and flats it can become part of her everyday wardrobe. Another $20 winner.