1. The Best Loafers since Sliced Bread

    A good pair of loafers is essential for any young man’s wardrobe. The comfy no-lace design makes them an easy option for school attire, dressy events, and casual wear. But with so many designers taking loafers in exciting non-traditional directions, finding the right pair can be a challenge.

    Before choosing a pair, consider the need they will fill. Will they be the footwear for his school uniform? His casual summer shoe to slip on and off? Take a look at some of our favorite pairs for inspiration.

    This pair from Akademiks combines elements of a traditional loafer with some more modern touches, like a scuff-resistant perforated upper. The result is handsome but ultimately casual.

    This Goodfellas loafer is clean, simple, and comfortable. It’s a solid choice if he needs something to go with a school uniform or a go-with-anything dress shoe.

    This ingenious Lil Fellas shoe mashes up the loafer and the boat shoe for a win-win combination. It packs a dose of seaside style that can be dressed up with slacks or dressed down with shorts.

    This penny loafer from Kenneth Cole is as classic as it gets. Give your kid a couple of dimes or pennies to fit in the slot and – ka-ching – he’s in business.