1. Color Your Eggs This Easter - Whisk Style!

    Love coloring Easter eggs but hate being left with multicolored hands? Long Island Mom x 2 found a great solution: using a whisk!

    "No messy hands, no splashing, no cracked eggs from dropping them into the dye….The eggs fit so secure in the whisk, and it is so easy for even the littlest ones to participate!"

    Click here to view the original post from Long Island Mom x 2

    Do you have any tried-and-true methods of dying your Easter eggs? 


  2. Crafty Corner: Bunny Bean Bag Toss Game

    Do you have a huge crowd coming over for Easter brunch, and are looking for a fun game to play during the festivities?

    Are you looking for some Spring-themed activities to do with your kids?

    Becky from My Kids Make shares this adorable Bunny Bean Bag Toss Game for you to create and play with your kids:

    To make the Bunny:

    • Take an empty cardboard box and cut out a square opening {for the bean bags to be tossed into}.
    • Then wrap the box in white paper.
    • To make the bunny ears: cut the ear shape out from scraps of cardboard.
    • Tape white paper onto the ears, and then pink construction paper over top.
    • Use popsicle sticks, taped at an angle, to prop up the ears.
    • Lastly, glue on LARGE googly eyes and a big pink pom pom nose!

    To make the bean bags:

    • Trace the shape of an egg on yellow felt.
    • Cut out 2 egg shapes for each egg bean bag you will want.
    • Sew on 3 strips of white “Rick Rack” onto the egg pieces.
    • Sew the two matching egg shapes together, leaving a small hole through which you can pour dried peas, beans, etc.
    • Close up the hole securely.

    We made our bean bags look like Easter eggs to add to the fun! 

    Happy Tossing!


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  3. Crafty Corner: Easter Bunny Self Portrait

    Project from Two Hearts Together:

    This craft takes a simple art project and turns it into something unique by adding your child’s photo in the center of a paper plate to be the face of a bunny!


    • Digital camera
    • Computer with printer
    • Printer paper (I used regular paper, not photo paper.)
    • Paper plate
    • Black, pink and white construction paper
    • Scissors
    • Pink ribbon
    • Glue
    • Black marker


    1. Take your child’s picture with a digital camera, download it and print it out on 8.5 x 11 printer paper.
    2. Cut their picture around the face in the shape of a circle and glue it in the center of a paper plate.
    3. Cut out two large Easter Bunny ears from the white construction paper and two smaller Easter Bunny ears from the pink construction paper.
    4. Glue one pink Easter Bunny ear in the center of one large white Easter Bunny ear, and then repeat this step with the other pink and white bunny ears.
    5. Glue the Easter Bunny ears to the top of the paper plate.
    6. Cut out a small pink triangle and glue it on your child’s nose in the picture.
    7. Cut out six black strips about 1/4 inch wide and three inches long and glue three on each side of the pink triangle to look like the Easter Bunny’s whiskers.
    8. Use the black marker to draw on the Easter Bunny’s mouth and buck teeth.
    9. Tie a bow in the pink ribbon and glue it to the bottom edge of the paper plate.


    Have a great Easter, everybody! Stay tuned for more Easter Crafts and a special CookiesKids.com Easter Sale!


  4. Crafty Corner: “Marblelous” Easter Egg Cookies

    The Chocolate Muffin Tree has posted the most adorable “Marbelous” Easter Egg sugar cookie recipe for the upcoming Easter holiday.

    These adorable marbled egg cookies are perfect for a pop of color during your holiday meal, or you can make them out of play-dough to hang up around your house!


    Click here to check out her post for the full recipe!



    Stay tuned for more Easter Crafts like our Easter Egg Potted Plant Kids Craft, and check out our special CookiesKids.com Easter Sale!


  5. Crafty Corner: Easter Egg Potted Plants Kids Craft

    Project from Two Hearts Together:

    Kids can create an Easter inspired table decoration using fake eggs and mini pots!

    Supplies Needed:

    • 6 Polystyrene eggs
    • 6 Small Terracotta pots
    • Ribbon, green tinsel, paper or foam letters to spell EASTER
    • Colored sticks or straws
    • Loose Glitter
    • Craft paint
    • Super Glue
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Multi-Colored Mini Rhinestones
    • Other decorations of choice for Eggs


    1. Set aside 6 small terracotta pots and glue on your Easter letters.
    2. Decorate the rims with loose glitter and fill the pots with green tinsel.
    3. Paint your polystyrene eggs with paint and set aside to dry.
    4. Decorate the eggs as desired.
    5. Once done, insert a stick or straw into the bottom of each egg and secure with super glue or hot glue gun.
    6. Position and secure each straw or stick into the pots with a blob hot glue.
    7. Make and stick little ribbon bows onto the bottom of each egg with super glue.
    8. Enjoy!


    Have a great Easter, everybody! Stay tuned for more Easter Crafts and a special CookiesKids.com Easter Sale!


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