1. Crafty Corner: Balloon Popping Advent Calendar

    This fun and interactive Balloon Popping Advent Calendar craft is by the amazing My Kids Make:

    I wanted to come up with a fun Advent Calendar that the kids would LOVE, and one that would be something our whole family could be involved in.

    This activity is great because:

    1. Kids actually get to POP the balloons
    2. Each balloon includes a fun family “to do” for the day

    Click through for step-by-step instructions on how to make your family’s very own balloon advent calendar from My Kids Make!

    Does your family have any fun advent calendar crafts they use to count down to the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. Crafty Corner: Bunny Bean Bag Toss Game

    Do you have a huge crowd coming over for Easter brunch, and are looking for a fun game to play during the festivities?

    Are you looking for some Spring-themed activities to do with your kids?

    Becky from My Kids Make shares this adorable Bunny Bean Bag Toss Game for you to create and play with your kids:

    To make the Bunny:

    • Take an empty cardboard box and cut out a square opening {for the bean bags to be tossed into}.
    • Then wrap the box in white paper.
    • To make the bunny ears: cut the ear shape out from scraps of cardboard.
    • Tape white paper onto the ears, and then pink construction paper over top.
    • Use popsicle sticks, taped at an angle, to prop up the ears.
    • Lastly, glue on LARGE googly eyes and a big pink pom pom nose!

    To make the bean bags:

    • Trace the shape of an egg on yellow felt.
    • Cut out 2 egg shapes for each egg bean bag you will want.
    • Sew on 3 strips of white “Rick Rack” onto the egg pieces.
    • Sew the two matching egg shapes together, leaving a small hole through which you can pour dried peas, beans, etc.
    • Close up the hole securely.

    We made our bean bags look like Easter eggs to add to the fun! 

    Happy Tossing!


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