1. School Uniforms with Style

    For many children, the phrase “school uniform” conjures up images of monochrome outfits that reveal little about the budding personalities wearing them. There are lots of reasons why school districts implement uniform policies, from boosting student achievement to fostering school spirit, but many kids still see it as one less way for them to express themselves. Cookie’s Kids understands how important it is for children to be individuals, which is why we’ve worked hard to make our school uniforms anything but basic.

    Like snowflakes, no two Cookie’s Kids uniforms are alike. Cookie’s Kids provides schools and parents with three customizable uniform options: embroidery, screen-printing, and plaid. Custom colored logo embroidery is available for dress wear such as polos, button-downs, and blazers, while screen-printing is offered on casual pieces such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, and spirit wear; an on-site facility in ourBrooklynwarehouse ensures quick turnaround and speedy delivery.

    And for schools that require plaid uniforms, Cookie’s Kids works with a New York City-based factory to develop custom plaid fabrics that can be manufactured into skirts, jumpers, pants – even ties! Our program makes it easy for schools to create a unique look, while giving parents the ability to mix and match with as many or as few pieces as they need. 

    In addition to all our personalized options, Cookie’s Kids carries a wide variety of accessories to help kids upgrade their school uniform from standard to stylish. For girls, tights and knee socks are an inexpensive way to liven up even the most basic dress or skirt. Changing jewelry or hair accessories from day to day is another easy way to refresh a well-worn outfit. And for boys, swapping out ties and belts can liven up a daily routine of polos and slacks.

    From our individually-tailored selections to our wide variety of accessories, Cookie’s Kids’ winning combination of great clothing at affordable prices makes shopping for – and wearing – school uniforms easier and more fun than ever!




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