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  2. President’s Day Craft: Craft Stick White House

    Celebrate Presidents’ Day by creating your very own White House. This project is perfect for kids ages 7 and up!

    What you’ll need:

    • 8 jumbo craft sticks
    • 4 regular craft sticks
    • 7 miniature craft sticks
    • White acrylic paint
    • Green felt or construction paper
    • Scissors
    • White craft glue
    • ½ sheet black construction paper

    How to make it:

    1. Cut the rounded ends off of all eight jumbo craft sticks.
    2. Lay four jumbo craft sticks touching each other on a table, one below the other. Line the other four jumbo craft sticks in the same fashion alongside the first four. You should have 2 sticks going across (columns) and four sticks going down (rows).
    3. Pipe glue onto the edges of the craft sticks, connecting them all together. Smooth the glue with your finger or a paintbrush and gently press them together so that they are all touching. You may want to let the glued craft sticks dry on a piece of wax paper placed on your table. Allow glue to dry completely.
    4. From two of the regular craft sticks, cut one rounded end off of each.
    5. Center a miniature craft stick directly above the large rectangle you made from the jumbo craft sticks. Place the two regular craft sticks across the top as well, on either side of the mini craft stick. The straight edges should hang over the sides of the large rectangle. Glue in place and let dry.
    6. Cut the rounded edge off both sides of a regular craft stick. Center the regular craft stick on top of the row made in step 5 and glue in place. This should make the second row stacked above the jumbo craft stick base.
    7. To add the columns on the front of the White House, place a miniature craft stick ½” to the left of the center line of the large triangle. Glue another “column” ½” to the right of the center line. Glue the third and fourth column to the left and right of the first two columns.
    8. Glue a regular craft stick horizontally across the top of the four columns.
    9. Position two miniature craft sticks to form a wide upside-down “V” on top of the regular craft stick in step 8. You will see they make the shape of a pointed roof. Glue the pieces into place.
    10. After all craft sticks have dried completely, paint the entire thing with white paint. Let dry. You may notice some cracking in the paint due to painting over the glue. If you do, simple add a second coat after the first coat has dried completely.
    11. Cut windows and door from black construction paper and glue in place according to photo.
    12. Cut an 11” x ½” strip of green felt of construction paper. Trim to fit across the base of the White House and glue in place.


    • As the glue is drying, occasionally press down gently on the craft stick columns to be sure that they are flush with the house.
    • Place your craft sticks on a piece paper before your start. If the glue sticks to the paper it’s no problem, simply leave the paper on the back of the house!
    • Talk about the significance of the presidency when working on this project.

    Featured project from Kaboodle and Amanda Formaro.


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  3. President’s Day Craft: Patriotic Heart

    President’s Day is this Monday, so pay tribute to our country’s Presidents with this way-cute kids craft. While you sit down with your little one to whip up this patriotic heart, encourage a discussion of our presidential past, present, and future!

    Courtesy of: The Learning Bug

    Supplies Needed:

    • One sheet of white cardstock or construction paper
    • Red paint and sponge or brush, or a red Do-A-Dot marker
    • Blue card stock or construction paper
    • Small white star die-cuts or star stickers
    • Scissors
    • Glue Stick


    1. Have each child cut out a heart from the white paper, or have them trace a template you’ve prepared in advance.
    2. Paint the red stripes on the heart, and allow the paint to dry.
    3. While the paint dries, cut the top half of the heart from blue paper.
    4. Glue the white stars on to the blue paper.
    5. Glue the blue paper on to the striped heart.
    6. Laminate the heart for durability (optional).

    Project from Two Hearts Together and The Learning Bug


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