1. Weekly Series: Reasons to Love School Uniforms

    Last week we looked at how school uniforms level the playing field for students. We explored how uniforms make it easier for some kids to stop focusing on clothes and start focusing on their studies, and how, for kids who can’t afford the latest fashion, wearing a school uniform can be a major relief.

    This week, let’s take a look at how uniforms can make peace between students and their parents and teachers.

    Reason 3: No More Arguments

    As they get older, kids tend to dress more rebelliously. And for every rebellious dresser, there’s a parent or teacher that has to tell that kid to put on something appropriate for class.

    This battle rages on in most schools that don’t have uniform programs. Schools have to set rules about what’s appropriate to wear, such as no revealing clothing or no violent imagery on clothing. But not only do schools have to make the rules, they also have to update the rules every time someone pushes the envelope in a new way. And they have to enforce the rules, turning teachers into the fashion police – literally.

    Ask any teacher who’s had to enforce dress code rules, and they’ll tell you: it’s not fun. It creates poor relations between students and teachers, an “us vs. them” mentality.

    The same goes for the poor parent who tries to stop their kid from leaving the house wearing something inappropriate – it can be a source of real tension and enmity, because kids feel they have the right to express themselves.

    Can’t we all just get along?

    School uniforms might just be the peacemaker in this situation. Uniforms eliminate the need for complex, endlessly changing rules about dress. Teachers can go back to teaching without having to worry about whether they’ll have to bust some kid over what they’re wearing. At home, parents can stop hassling kids about “going out looking like that!”

    Ultimately, rebellious kids will rebel in other ways. But if the way they dress is always uniform, it’s just one less argument to have. 


  2. Weekly Series: Reasons to Love School Uniforms

    Last week we discussed how school uniforms save parents money, because they’re a lot less expensive than fashion school clothes. We also got into the fact that most parents who save money on school uniforms get to spend that extra money on stuff for their kids – like fashion clothes for the weekend.

    This week, let’s take a look at another way school uniforms benefit kids.

    Reason 2: Sameness Has Its Benefits

    There’s a lot of research out there about how school uniforms encourage discipline, concentration, even attendance. With uniforms there’s no stress about fashion trends and no more time wasted debating over outfits in the morning. If kids aren’t thinking about their clothes all the time, they’ll be able to apply themselves to their schoolwork with one less distraction.

    Or so goes the argument. You have to wonder how many kids are actually stressing out about their clothes so much it affects their schoolwork. The kids spending a little too much time on their outfits in the morning are probably fine.

    But what about the kids who get picked on because they’re wearing hand-me-downs? Not every kid has the means to put together a great outfit every day. It’s cruel, but these kids get made fun of. And for kids who are bullied in this way, every day they have to go to school in clothes that make them feel like an outsider is a day they dread.

    With uniforms this situation just doesn’t happen, because everyone is wearing the same thing. There’s a certain relief in that. Kids who used to worry about their clothes – for totally valid reasons – know exactly what they’re going to wear, and know they’ll look like everyone else. Are uniforms going to stop bullying? No, not entirely, but they can level the playing field for some kids, and we think that’s worthwhile. 


  3. What feature do you look for most in a school uniform?


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