1. Weekly Series: Reasons to Love School Uniforms

    Last week we looked at how school uniforms level the playing field for students. We explored how uniforms make it easier for some kids to stop focusing on clothes and start focusing on their studies, and how, for kids who can’t afford the latest fashion, wearing a school uniform can be a major relief.

    This week, let’s take a look at how uniforms can make peace between students and their parents and teachers.

    Reason 3: No More Arguments

    As they get older, kids tend to dress more rebelliously. And for every rebellious dresser, there’s a parent or teacher that has to tell that kid to put on something appropriate for class.

    This battle rages on in most schools that don’t have uniform programs. Schools have to set rules about what’s appropriate to wear, such as no revealing clothing or no violent imagery on clothing. But not only do schools have to make the rules, they also have to update the rules every time someone pushes the envelope in a new way. And they have to enforce the rules, turning teachers into the fashion police – literally.

    Ask any teacher who’s had to enforce dress code rules, and they’ll tell you: it’s not fun. It creates poor relations between students and teachers, an “us vs. them” mentality.

    The same goes for the poor parent who tries to stop their kid from leaving the house wearing something inappropriate – it can be a source of real tension and enmity, because kids feel they have the right to express themselves.

    Can’t we all just get along?

    School uniforms might just be the peacemaker in this situation. Uniforms eliminate the need for complex, endlessly changing rules about dress. Teachers can go back to teaching without having to worry about whether they’ll have to bust some kid over what they’re wearing. At home, parents can stop hassling kids about “going out looking like that!”

    Ultimately, rebellious kids will rebel in other ways. But if the way they dress is always uniform, it’s just one less argument to have. 


  2. Weekly Series: Reasons to Love School Uniforms

    Let’s face it: if they had the choice, kids probably wouldn’t choose to wear their school uniform. But if their school has a uniform policy, they do have to wear one, so it’s worth explaining to them why uniforms are actually a pretty good idea.

    There’s a lot out there on the school uniform debate, but we’ve sorted through it to bring you the most compelling reasons why school uniforms are actually a good thing. Each week, we’ll post another reason school uniforms could use a little more love.

    Bounce these ideas off your kids the next time they start complaining their uniform’s lame. It might make them appreciate their school uniform policy a little more, or at least understand it.   

    Reason 1: It Saves Money  

    Parents who buy a few uniforms instead of a full fashion wardrobe for their kids save A LOT of money. At CookiesKids.com, you can get a year’s school wardrobe for just $95. And school uniforms are designed to stand up to lots of washes and wear and tear, so you don’t have to buy a million of them. Check out these double knee pants – indestructible.

    You might be happy that you’re saving money with school uniforms, but do your kids care? They will if you tell them how you spend that extra money on them! Seriously, the less you spend on school clothes for the week, the more splurge money you could spend on that dress she really wants for the dance or that jacket he’s had his eye on.

    The more you save with uniforms, the more you can spend on the fun stuff! 


  3. School Uniforms with Style

    For many children, the phrase “school uniform” conjures up images of monochrome outfits that reveal little about the budding personalities wearing them. There are lots of reasons why school districts implement uniform policies, from boosting student achievement to fostering school spirit, but many kids still see it as one less way for them to express themselves. Cookie’s Kids understands how important it is for children to be individuals, which is why we’ve worked hard to make our school uniforms anything but basic.

    Like snowflakes, no two Cookie’s Kids uniforms are alike. Cookie’s Kids provides schools and parents with three customizable uniform options: embroidery, screen-printing, and plaid. Custom colored logo embroidery is available for dress wear such as polos, button-downs, and blazers, while screen-printing is offered on casual pieces such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, and spirit wear; an on-site facility in ourBrooklynwarehouse ensures quick turnaround and speedy delivery.

    And for schools that require plaid uniforms, Cookie’s Kids works with a New York City-based factory to develop custom plaid fabrics that can be manufactured into skirts, jumpers, pants – even ties! Our program makes it easy for schools to create a unique look, while giving parents the ability to mix and match with as many or as few pieces as they need. 

    In addition to all our personalized options, Cookie’s Kids carries a wide variety of accessories to help kids upgrade their school uniform from standard to stylish. For girls, tights and knee socks are an inexpensive way to liven up even the most basic dress or skirt. Changing jewelry or hair accessories from day to day is another easy way to refresh a well-worn outfit. And for boys, swapping out ties and belts can liven up a daily routine of polos and slacks.

    From our individually-tailored selections to our wide variety of accessories, Cookie’s Kids’ winning combination of great clothing at affordable prices makes shopping for – and wearing – school uniforms easier and more fun than ever!





  4. How School Uniforms Help Yeshivahs

    From Image USA Magazine, August 2011 issue - pages 48-50:

    In today’s economic climate, everyone is trying to save money. This is a sentiment that hits especially close to home for parents sending children to private schools, which account for nearly a quarter of all schools in the United States and admit over five million students annually. As tuition rates are on the rise at many community yeshivahs, parents and school administrators are looking for ways to ease the financial strain of educational costs.

    Joe Levy, Director of School Sales at CookiesKids.com, has the inside scoop on which and why yeshivahs are making the switch to school uniforms. He first noticed an increase in school uniform policy enforcement when one of Brooklyn’s largest schools, Magen David Yeshivah, decided to institute such a policy for the upcoming school year. Soon after, other schools in the community began inquiring about uniforms, considering the prospect of adopting a similar policy in the fall.

    "With tuition rates rising in the community, shopping for fashion clothing as school wear just adds to the cost of education," Levy said. "When schools switch to uniforms, it ensures parents will save money."

    Levy heads up the uniform sales department at CookiesKids.com which caters to over 2,000 schools, a number that shows no signs of shrinking. Because the company has a nearly endless inventory of tailor-made school uniform styles, price points and sizes available, Levy has been able to provide for a variety of school uniform policies, no matter how specific.

    Without question, the social impact of school uniforms can have a profoundly positive effect on children. “They have so many pressures right now, and one less thing they have to worry about with school uniform policies is what to wear,” said Levy. “It keeps kids on a more even playing field.”

    Jack Shammah, the Director of Marketing and Operations at CookiesKids.com, agrees. He’s received similar feedback from parents and children about the benefits of uniforms. “It provides a sense of confidence in children when they see their peers in the same clothes. They can excel at other things without being conscious of their clothing,” Jack said.

    In addition to easing peer pressure and self-confidence issues in children and saving parents money on trendy, designer clothing purchases, advocates of school uniforms cite a number of other reasons why they are a positive influence on the educational process. Uniforms make it easier for students to get dressed for schools in the morning, reduce discipline problems in the academic environment, and help set an atmosphere of modesty and professionalism.

    They also help instill and promote school spirit and pride, facilitate a sense of unity among students, and, perhaps, most importantly, increase students’ self respect. Students’ behavior and attitudes toward academics improve because their own expectations of themselves become higher. There’s a certain level of reverence that must be observed and maintained when wearing your school’s uniform.

    According to Levy, shirts and sweaters with embroidered school logos and gym clothes with screen printed mascots - all in the school’s colors - go a long way toward building that sense of belonging. When kids have a uniform on, they’re recognized as a proud student of their school.

    While some may argue that school uniforms suppress individuality, the prevailing thought is that pupils are still very much capable of self-expression when dressed in uniform. Students can make their uniforms fashionable thanks to unique choices in hairstyles, shoes, socks, ties, and accessories. It’s in minor details such as these that students possess the freedom to differentiate and distinguish themselves. Rather than seeing uniforms as an attempt at mass conformity, students recognize the potential to be even more creative and expressive. The thing that must always be remembered is that attitude is very important; if students feel good about themselves, they will act accordingly.

    Lower financial burden, the lack of distraction and competition, the development of one’s self-respect, and the fostering of community spirit are just some of the many positive reasons why the idea of uniforms is attractive to schools like Magen David Yeshivah. Their decision to mandate school uniforms for the upcoming school year indicates a strong dedication to getting their students back to the business of learning. Perhaps it is a decision that more schools will adopt in the near future.

    For more information on school uniform options, visit www.CookiesKids.com or call (877) 94-Cookies.


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    Nearly one in five children have to wear uniforms to school, but those school clothes don’t have to be expensive or deny a child’s individuality!

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    Do your kids wear uniforms? How much does your standard back-to-school budget total? Let us know the comments below!


  6. O2 Media Announces CookiesKids.com to Appear on ‘The Balancing Act’ on Lifetime Television

    “CookiesKids.com is extremely excited about appearing on ‘The Balancing Act’ on Lifetime. The partnership is perfect! We’re always looking to introduce our school uniforms and huge assortment of children’s apparel to a new audience.”

    Brandutainment™ pioneers O2 Media welcome CookiesKids.com, a division of Cookie’s Department Stores.  Make sure to tune in to ‘The Balancing Act’ on Lifetime Television July, 26th at 7:00am (ET/PT) to find out how CookiesKids.com is the internet’s one-stop shop for school uniforms and accessories.   

    Parents know what’s just around the corner—it’s back to school time! These days, for a growing number of kids, that includes school uniforms.  ‘The Balancing Act’ welcomes special guest Al Falack, the Senior Director of E-commerce for CookiesKids.com.  Falack explains to viewers how kid’s school uniforms have definitely changed throughout the years.  They are no longer boring, and thanks to CookiesKids.com you can easily get an amazing number of styles without breaking your back-to-school budget! 

    Make sure to watch the show to find out how you can successfully dress your child in uniform for the entire school year — for less than $100 bucks!   

    CookiesKids.com is extremely excited about appearing on ‘The Balancing Act’ on Lifetime. The partnership is perfect!  We are always looking to introduce our school uniforms and huge assortment of children’s apparel to a new audience — and the Lifetime demographic is our exact target market,” says Falack. 

    CookiesKids.com makes the buying experience for back to school easy with the largest selection of school uniforms on the web.  They also offer a price-match guarantee, and back it up by having the cheapest prices on the internet.

     For more information, please visit http://www.CookiesKids.com.

    About The Balancing Act 

    The Balancing Act TV show is produced by O2 Media, Inc. and airs on Lifetime Television at 7:00am (ET/PT).  The Balancing Act is America’s premier morning show that’s about women, for women, and trusted by women.  For information or to view a show, visit http://www.TheBalancingAct.com.     

    About O2 Media 

    Based in Pompano Beach, Fla., O2 Media is a national television production company and pioneer in the branded entertainment industry.  Since its inception O2 Media has engaged, entertained and educated viewers with such reputable shows as The Balancing Act, www.thebalancingact.com and Designing Spaces, www.designingspaces.tv on Lifetime Television.  The company has earned hundreds of industry awards for revolutionizing the way brands engage with consumers on television.  O2 Media provides unmatched marketing value to its clients while producing quality content for its growing national viewership through Brandutainment™.  Household brands and blue chip companies alike continue to depend on O2 Media to effectively communicate their message to consumers.   

    Press release by Limor Windt, O2 Media, Inc.

    (Source: prlog.org)

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  8. Back To School Girls Uniforms

    Girls School Uniforms as found at our Brooklyn Fulton Mall location

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  9. Caldwell School District - Shop online to match new dress code

    Is your child a student of the Caldwell School District?

    CookiesKids.com has teamed up with them to offer families a convenient way to shop for school clothes online. Click through to find your hand-picked school store and your special source code for free shipping and a chance to give back to your school!

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    Click here to find a selection of school clothes, all adherent to the Caldwell School District Dress Code Policy for the 2010-11 school year.  

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    Questions? Call (877) 942-6654 or email customerservice@cookieskids.com

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