1. More Photos from Our Charity Event with the Brooklyn Nets!

    Check out these pics the Nets took: 


    And in case you missed our post on this fun-filled charity event, check it out here


  2. 6 Fun Ways to be Charitable as a Family

    Getting your family involved with charity is a great way to teach your kids how concepts like sharing and helping the less fortunate are put to work. If you get kids into the habit of helping while they are young, they’ll develop naturally into thoughtful, caring adults. Here are six ways your family can have a positive impact:


    Donating Clothes:  Donating clothing not only helps the less fortunate, it’s also a good opportunity to clear some of the clutter from your home. Having your kids go through their stuff and see just how much they have can be an eye-opening experience. Make sure to take your kids with you when you drop of your donation so they can see firsthand the good to which they are contributing.

    Walking to Raise Money: If your family is the active type, put that energy to good use. There are thousands of charity bikes, walks, and races each year. Show your kids that helping others doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be fun!

    Spending Time with the Elderly: Volunteering at a local nursing home is a sure way to bring a smile to the faces of the elderly residents. It also allows the elderly residents to impart some of their wisdom and knowledge to your kids. Don’t just tell your kids to respect their elders, let them practice it!


    Volunteering at an Animal Shelter: If your kids are constantly badgering you for a puppy, maybe they need to spend some time at the local shelter. Let them experience just how much time and energy it takes to care for an animal. If they can stick with volunteering weekly at the shelter, they may be ready for that pet.

    Issue Activism: Chances are your kids have an issue they are passionate about. Let them put that passion to work by writing letters, starting a petition, garnering support on social media, or getting involved on a local level. Allowing your kids to choose the issue they want to impact will ensure they approach their charitable work with cheerful diligence.

    Collecting Money: This is a great one for shy kids. It gives them the perfect opportunity to strike up conversations with community members and tell them about a cause that deserves their support. You can choose worthy causes as a family, and make a competition out of who can raise the most money.


  3. Giving Never Felt So Good!

    It’s been a wonderful holiday season here at CookiesKids.com. Our warehouse was bustling, our website was filled with holiday deals, and we worked around the clock to ensure that toys and clothes got to you in time for the holidays. But this year we also did something more. As a member of the NYC community, we knew we had to do something to assist those affected by Superstorm Sandy, so we found seventy-five lucky kids whose holiday seasons had been darkened by the storm’s devastation. Then, in partnership with American Express and the Brooklyn Nets, we gave each of these kids a $250 American Express gift card to spend in our store. Players from the Nets were on the scene to take pictures, sign autographs, and offer the occasional toy-related advice. The day proved a memorable one for these kids, who pushed huge shopping carts full of toys to the register with even huger smiles on their faces. But for a young basketball fan, there’s really no toy that can compare with a high-five from Deron Williams or Kris Humphries.

    Call us sentimental, but we find that times like these make all the stress of the holidays worthwhile – the little moments of giving back. Did you or your family have the opportunity to give back to your community this holiday season? If so, we want to hear about it! Tweet us @CookiesKids or visit our blog.

    If charity might have gotten lost in the shuffle this holiday season, we have a few suggestions on how you can still make things brighter for those less fortunate around you. Vacations from school are a great time to sort through kids’ closets and your kitchen pantry. See if you can put together some lightly used clothes (especially coats) and non-perishable foods to donate to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or another community organization.

    If your child receives some holiday cash from you or a relative, ask them to consider donating it to a charity of their choice. Try discussing with your family the charities and organizations you might want to support, based on your family’s unique values. Maybe there’s one organization you can all agree could use a few extra dollars for the New Year.

    Lastly, consider those in your community who might not have anyone to visit them this holiday season, like the elderly or infirm. Try to spend some time with these folks. They could probably use some extra holiday cheer.

    Charity doesn’t have to mean giving a down-on-their-luck kid a shopping spree in a toy store (though doing that was pretty fun!). It’s the littlest gestures that make the biggest difference, and they’re always twice as appreciated this time of year. Talk with your family about what giving really means to you. You might find some extra meaning in your holiday this year.

    Happy Holidays from CookiesKids.com!