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    4 Reasons to Have a Family Game Night

    4 Reasons to Have a Family Game Night

    by Calvin Wong

    It’s Not Just Monopoly Anymore

    Over the last 20 years, there’s been a revolution in board games. When Kristen Bell talked about her addiction to Settlers of Catan on the Golden Globes red carpet, you know board games have made their way into mainstream culture. Here’s four reasons why board games can be great for you and your family

    Fun for All Ages

    Board games have come a long way since Candyland, and the modern board game industry has games that can be played and enjoyed by players both young and old. Whether you want to enjoy a game with the kids, or play with your partner over a glass of wine, there’s a game out there for you.

    Some games are designed to be enjoyed by players of all ages, and more complex games can be played in parent-child teams or with an older sibling helping out a younger one.

    It Teaches Great Skills

    Board games aren’t just a load of fun – they also teach valuable social and emotional skills. Playing board games helps children learn the importance of sportsmanship, fair play, and working as a team.  They also teach concepts like learning to not take losses personally and how to be a graceful winner.

    Even basic motor skills like shuffling cards or rolling dice are important when playing games. Furthermore, adding scores together and calculating the probabilities of a die roll are core math skills that can be incorporated into an educational game night. There’s no better way to learn than through engagement, and what can be more engaging than play?

    Credit: Chris B.

    It Brings Everyone Together

    Board games are a fantastic opportunity for families to have fun while bonding at the same time. Quality time spent forming plans and engaging in some friendly competition (or even ganging up on a parent!) can help bring everyone closer together.

    If a family game night becomes a regular occurrence, the memories and stories will be a source of family tradition and pride. “Remember that time dad got everyone killed because he added four and seven to get twelve?”” will be a story your family will tell for years to come.

    Credit: Pat Hirtle

    It’s Cheaper Than Going Out

    A simple card game can go for as little as ten dollars online, which is much less than the price of dinner and a movie. And unlike other activities, board games can be played over and over again without complaint (let’s be honest, who isn’t completely sick of Frozen by now?). There’s also no rule that says you only have to own one game!

    Credit: Mike Sirois

    Game Recommendations

    Loony Quest


    Loony Quest is a simple game of drawing a route through video game-like worlds and levels. Its main draw (apart from being gorgeous) is that it’s a game where kids have just as much of a chance as grown-ups – and if someone is doing too well, you can lob some power-downs at them to even the playing field!

    Escape: Curse of the Temple


    Escape: Curse of the Temple is a co-operative dice rolling game played in real time. Players don’t take turns; everyone is rolling dice as quickly as they can in order to beat the clock and escape the temple together. Escape is a pulse-pounding adventure like no other.

    Calvin Wong writes for BoardGamePrices.com. As a writer and writing teacher, he loves games where a strong narrative emerges from elegant systems. He is constantly thinking about stories and storytelling in games, on stage, and on screen.

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