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    40 Years of Cookie’s Kids!

    Since opening 40 years ago, Cookie’s Kids has grown in wonderful and unexpected ways. Who could have imagined at the beginning that we’d be here now, shipping kids clothing and toys across the globe? On our 40th anniversary, we’re taking time to remember where we started, and what it took to become the #1 Children’s Department Store. We’d like to share some of this history with you.

    In 1972, a young man named Cookie and his brother Marvin went into business together. They rented a 16,00 square foot store in Jamaica, Queens, fixed it up and bought inventory all summer and fall, and opened a day after Thanksgiving with a full stock of holiday toys. The toys were a success, and they put the extra money toward buying children’s clothing for the next season. When that did well, they bought more clothing. The business was on its way.

    The goal to build a children’s superstore was always close at hand. “It was amazing how much they had in that little store,” says longtime employee, John. “You ask for a turquoise bowtie, the saleslady would reach into a bin and there it’d be.” With this combination of selection and service, Cookie’s Kids was able to pursue new territory. As the brothers Cookie, Marvin, and Sonny, who had come in as a third partner in the business, began to open new stores in new locations, inventory expanded. Besides the latest fashions, our customers wanted shoes, toys, backpacks and accessories, and we were prepared to deliver.

    By the late 1990s there were six superstores throughout the NYC area, and though they previously had different names, by that time they were all named Cookie’s Kids. Also in the late ’90s came an important addition to Cookie’s Kids’ inventory: school uniforms. Most school uniform suppliers at that time were unable to support the demands of new schools and new uniforms, or unwilling to sell uniforms at prices parents could afford. Cookie’s Kids was able to solve this problem by selling a wider selection of uniforms at lower prices than anyone else. It was this steady success in uniform sales that paved the way for the founding of CookiesKids.com, in 2007, which originally sold only uniforms. Soon after, we put our entire inventory online.

    Looking around the 120,000 square foot flagship store, it’s hard to believe it all started with a couple shelves full of toys. And when you think about the six other superstores, and the fact that it’s all available online, it’s easy to see why Cookie and his brothers are pleased about how their business turned out.

    We think 40 years of excellence is an achievement worth celebrating. So for the month of June, we’ll be sharing a series of special anniversary promotions – keep checking your email for more.

    And to honor the people who have made Cookie’s Kids such a success, we’ll be profiling staff members. Stay tuned!

    Of course, there wouldn’t be any anniversary – or any Cookie’s Kids – without you and your support. Thanks for making this happen. We hope to serve you for many years to come.

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