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    5 Low-Stress, Low-Budget DIY Halloween Costumes

    5 Low-Stress, Low-Budget DIY Halloween Costumes

    Once again, Halloween snuck up on you and it’s costume crunch time. DIY is the way to go if you’re running short on time (or funds), so here’s our roundup of fun and easy DIY Halloween costumes you can make at home.


    The outfit is perfect for both boys and girls, and the bag doubles as a trick-or-treating candy stash! Check out the precise DIY instructions at Make It & Love It.

    You’ll Need

    Black hat/beanie, striped shirt, money bag, black pants, black shoes, mask

    1. Decorate a plain tote bag with black markers or felt with a dollar sign design.

    2. You can make the mask, or pick up a simple one from a Halloween party store.

    Gumball Machine

    This colorful costume is a cinch to make when you’re pressed for time. The more pom poms, the merrier!


    You’ll Need

    Colorful pom poms, white T-shirt, glue, red jeans or pencil skirt, duct tape, marker, small piece of cardboard

    1. Glue the pom-poms to the T in a round design.

    2. Use the marker and duct tape to make a “25 cent” sign to attach underneath.


    You can’t go wrong with a skeleton costume. Even if your kid doesn’t win any points for originality, this is a Halloween classic. The best part is that you don’t have to part with the clothing for the season – these clothes can be used again long after Halloween passes. For guidelines take a look at All You.

    You’ll Need

    Black long-sleeved shirt, black leggings, scissors, cutting mat, craft knife, roll of glow-in-the-dark duct tape in white

    1. Using the cutting mat and craft knife, cut the tape into bone-shaped pieces.

    2. Affix the pieces to the shirt and pants in a skeleton pattern.

    Audrey from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

    Girly girls will love this glammed-up Audrey Hepburn costume! It doesn’t require any sewing, but it’s a little more expensive than the others on our list. If your girl has some of these items on hand already, maybe from dance class or previous holidays and parties, this is an ideal choice

    You’ll Need

    Black tulle skirt, black satin top, oversized black glasses, tiara, black patent Mary Janes, pearl costume jewelry


    This classic costume is as easy as they come!


    You’ll Need

    Bandages, clear tape

    1. Wrap bandages over clothes, making sure to cover edges.

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