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    5 Summer Dressing Tips for Kids

    5 Summer Dressing Tips for Kids

    Summer Clothing Guide

    With summer quickly approaching, it’s important to know how to keep kids cool and safe all season long. Luckily, CookiesKids.com is here to help provide you with some helpful summer clothing tips. Follow along as we share a list of our top 5 summer must-haves for kids.


    1. UV Protection Sunglasses

    There’s no time like the present to start protecting those little eyes from sun damage. That’s why our Disney sunglasses are the perfect solution. These stylish shades have 100% UV protection and are just what your kids need to keep their eyesight sharp and healthy.


    2. Wide-Brimmed Hats

    While sunglasses will protect your children’s eyes, what about their face, ears, scalp, and neck? For full head coverage, find a wide-brimmed hat that will further shield your child from the sun.


    3. Breathable Cotton Fabric

    The benefits of cotton are extensive – especially when it comes to the summer season. The fact that it’s a breathable fabric, for instance, means that air easily circulates through it to help cool you off when it’s hot. Cotton also has the ability to keep you dry from sweat because its fibers are so absorbent. Because of this, cotton is an ideal fabric to wear during those hot summer months. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Test it out with one of our trendy cotton T-shirts!


    4.  Bathing Suits with UPF Protection

    Look for bathing suits and other clothes with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) to keep your child’s skin safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The higher the rating, the stronger the protection. Fortunately, Cookie’s has some great options for you.


    5.  Sturdy Shoes

    Flip flops are probably your child’s go-to summer footwear, but they barely provide any support. Instead, look for more substantial shoes that are durable and safe for your child’s daily activities. Merrell’s “Hydro Hiker” sandals are a great place to start. This one little upgrade will make your child less likely to get splinters, trip, and stub his/her toes.

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