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    5 Ways to Make Back to School Shopping Easy

    5 Ways to Make Back to School Shopping Easy

    School shopping doesn’t have to be stressful. There are actually ways to take the headache out of getting everything ready for the school year. I’ve managed to break it down to a science that allows for a smooth transition from summer break to the back to school grind. Here are five ways to make back to school shopping easy.

    1. Shop online whenever possible

    Nothing spells convenience like online shopping. Who has time to sift through racks and wait in line to purchase kids clothes? I don’t. I have 3-year-old and 5-year-old with activities scheduled throughout the day. Besides, taking them clothes shopping would mean coming home with a whole lot of extra items not on the list.

    Cookie’s Kids  makes online shopping a breeze. I can actually sit poolside while my daughter takes swim lessons and save items to my online Cookie’s Kids account. I get the best of all worlds; relaxation, convenience and affordable shopping.

    2. Look for deals

    Speaking of affordable shopping, Cookie’s Kids is less expensive than most children clothing stores. We were able to piece together a few fun looks without breaking the bank.

    For my son:


    For my daughter:

    school shopping cookies kids4

    3. Let your kids pick out their clothing

    I’m a strong advocate for allowing kids to choose their clothes. I’ve purchased outfits they didn’t like in the past, only to see them collect dust in the closet. Rather than see our money go to waste, my husband and I get the kids’ input. Don’t get me wrong; we don’t give them carte blanche when it comes to shopping for clothes. However, we do give options.

    4. Pick clothing that will last

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased items that don’t last. I’ve certainly learned my lesson. Buy pieces that can carry over for more than one season. Another great way to avoid that dilemma is to buy clothing one size up. Also, pay close attention to the style of fabric. For instance, I stick with ones that stretch for a long lasting wear.

    5. Don’t shop all at once

    Make your shopping experience a marathon and not a sprint. Don’t wait until the last minute and cram everything in all at once. If you have multiple kids, focus on shopping for one person at time. You may also want schedule shopping days to make your back to school shopping easy and less stressful.

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