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    5 Years of CookiesKids.com!

    Last week, in honor of Cookie’s Kids’ 40th anniversary, we brought you the story of how a humble children’s clothing store in Queens became a chain of family-run superstores. This week, we’re bringing Cookie’s history full circle by sharing the history of our e-commerce site, CookiesKids.com.

    35 Years of Cookie’s

    In 2007, Cookie’s Kids celebrated its 35th anniversary. With six successful stores throughout New York City and legions of loyal shoppers, it was hard to imagine how much bigger the family-run business could become. But even though it had stores in almost every borough, there was one place where Cookie’s mix of low prices and great selection was still missing: the Internet.

    New Opportunities

    Online shopping had grown exponentially since Amazon.com shipped its first package in 1995, and Al Falack, Cookie’s nephew, realized that opening a website would be a great way to expand the company’s steady school uniform department. Since starting out in the late ’90s with just a handful of schools, Cookie’s had become a major name in the uniform business because of its ability to deliver a wide variety of styles at reasonable prices in the large quantities schools needed.

    More than Just School Uniforms

    At first, CookiesKids.com sold only school uniforms. As longtime uniform buyer Joe Beyda remembers, “The website allowed us to reach even more schools, and became a very important part of our business.” But after seeing how quickly traffic to the site grew, Al realized the site could be a lot more. Six months later, with the help of several dedicated employees, the website began selling infant clothing and accessories; a few months later, the entire Cookie’s Kids inventory went online.

    A Brooklyn Success

    Five years later, CookiesKids.com is selling to customers all over the country – and the world. From a massive office in downtown Brooklyn, a team of over 100 employees made up of customer service representatives, writers, photographers, and warehouse employees strive to make CookiesKids.com a virtual extension of the Cookie’s experience.

    Thank You

    We think 40 years of success in our stores and 5 years online are milestones worth celebrating. The success of Cookie’s has always rested upon its customers, and we’re grateful for your support. From our family to yours, thanks for making this happen.

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