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    A Few Questions with…Sam & Judy, Cookie’s Kids Buyers

    Meet the Team at Cookie’s Kids!

    For a peek behind the scenes at Cookie’s Kids, here’s a Q + A with Sam and Judy, our children’s apparel buyers!

    How long have you been working at Cookie’s Kids?

    Judy: I’ve been the girl’s apparel buyer since the early 1980s.

    Sam: I’ve been the boy’s apparel buyer for seven years.

    What do you like best about working as a clothing buyer?

    J: Meeting people and developing relationships. Plus there’s something new every day, which keeps it interesting.

    S: I love the fast-paced nature of the business; it’s challenging, trying to figure out the right mix of clothing to buy, within a specific budget and other set limitations.

    What are some trends that you see come back year after year?

    J: One piece outfits, like rompers, are usually a staple. Bright colors and prints, especially floral, are always popular in spring and summer. Basically anything that’s easy to wear and colorful!

    S: Themed outfits are always a hit, like with bears, frogs, lions, and animals like that.

    How do you keep up with the fashion industry, so you’ll know what to buy for Cookie’s Kids?

    J: I talk to other buyers, go to trade shows, and read a lot of industry magazines. And analyze LOTS of reports.

    S: It’s all about meeting people, going to trade shows and events, and listening and watching. And those reports!

    Final question: cookies or ice cream?

    J: Both! An ice cream sandwich is the best of both worlds.

    S: Cookies, definitely. Chocolate chip is my favorite.

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