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    About “I Love You”

    From bringingupbaby:

    Saying “I love you” to my baby for the first time felt kind of weird. I mean, OF COURSE I loved him! I gave up margaritas and raw cookie dough for 40 weeks and 2 days for him. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is! But still, telling this little person in those early days that I loved him felt…I dunno..redundant?  Surreal?  Overstating the obvious?

    At first, I’d just kind of quietly whisper it when no one else was around, getting used to the way it sounded.  Then I’d say it in my regular voice to him, but again, only when I was alone. 

    And suddenly, I found myself saying it more and more, whether people were around or not.  I’d say it, I’d sing it, I’d shout it from one room to the other.  I loved this little baby and he would know it.

    It’s funny how “I love you” never comes without a little adjustment, but once you realize how easy it is, it’s nearly impossible to stop saying it.

    Now pardon me, it’s been about 3 minutes since I last told my son I loved him.  What, me?  Smother him?  NEVER!

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