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    App Roundup: Best Apps for Creative Play

    App Roundup: Best Apps for Creative Play

    Apps that will Unlock Your Child’s Creativity

    Since your child is old enough to play on a phone or tablet, why not give them an app that’s more stimulating and challenging? There’s a growing trend of fun apps designed for educational and creative play so here’s a few of our favorite games built to encourage, learn, and explore!

    Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hacker (free)

    Hakitzu tackles the seemingly dry task of teaching kids the basics of computer programming by teaching kids howto code while building and battling robots in both single- and multiplayer missions. The game play is fun for all but some reviewers say it skews more toward boys than girls. And while the app is free there there are numerous in-app purchases so make sure your programmer-in-training doesn’t accidentally buy something without your permission.


    Brush of Truth ($1.99)

    Brush of Truth is designed for kids ages 7 or 8 with a strong interest in storytelling. The game is a choose-your-own adventure story in app form, with reading, illustrations, and “decision points.” Breaking the story up helps kids understand elements of narrative and pacing, which they’ll be able to apply to their own storytelling. In addition, with over 20 “decision points” your child can play through the story of the Brush of Truth multiple times without getting bored.

    JungleJam ($2.99)

    Any child with musical inclinations will instantly take to this lively and easy-to-use app since each animal doubles as a musical instruments and hastheir own personality and character. With musical play on a total of 8 instruments, the app seeks to give kids a basic understanding of jazz music. Bring the headphones – unless you want your child’s musical creations to be heard by all!


    Doc McStuffins Color and Play ($4.99)

    Fans of the popular Doc McStuffins TV series will love Doc McStuffins Color and Play. The app costs $4.99, which is a one-time cost unlike other “free” apps that make you spend money on in-app purchases. Kids can color and decorate Doc’s office, outfit, furniture, and more as she guides them through her world. They can even incorporate pictures they take on your device’s camera. Doc McStuffins fans should also browse our extensive selection of Doc
    McStuffins gear

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