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    Baby carrots take on junk food with hip marketing campaign

    Via thedailywhat

    Ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky were recently hired by Big Carrot to update the packaging of baby carrots with an eye toward appealing to the junk food generation.

    The $25 million campaign is set to include such innovations as: Doritos-like package designs; carrot vending machines; seasonal tie-ins (e.g., Halloween “scarrots”); and even an iPhone app “powered by the sound of folks munching carrots in real time.”

    Frito-Lay, for their part, say they are “happy to serve as an inspiration.” “We know people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables,” spokesperson Chris Kuechenmeister was quoted as saying. “We applaud any effort to provide consumers with a wider range of snacking options.”


    This is a great idea to get people to eat healthier. I’m actually starting to crave carrots just by looking at this! What you see influences a lot about what flavors and cravings your mind perceives.

    What do you think about this innovative redesign? Do you think that it will encourage people to eat healthier? Tell us your thoughts in the comments – the first valid 25 comments via Disqus (click through via Permalink) will receive a $5 CookiesKids.com gift card!

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