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    Back To School With Style and Savings

    Back To School With Style and Savings

    Back to School Days

    I grew up wearing uniforms from kindergarten through 12th grade. I loved always knowing what I was wearing the next day, mainly because I hated making fashion decisions. When my children started school and had to wear uniforms, I think I loved them even more! This is due to the fact that uniforms make shopping for school as easy as 1, 2, 3. Especially relevant to school uniform shopping is CookiesKids.com. This website has helped me discover a place where getting back to school ready can include both style and savings.

    Back To School With Style and Savings

    Three’s Company

    This year, all 3 of my younger kiddies are in school: 4th Grade, 2nd grade and Kindergarten. Therefore, I’m responsible for 3 sets of uniforms, 3 pairs of shoes, and 3 different personalities to please. As a mom, I’m always on the hunt for the most cost effective way to make sure my kiddies are dressed to their school’s standard, in a style they love. I’ve tried in-store, pre-order, and even hand-me-downs. They all have pros and cons. This year, I was approached by CookiesKids.com to see if they could help make my Back To School shopping a bit easier. I soon realized Cookie’s was exactly what I’ve been searching for, because they have an amazing selection of children’s everyday fashion, accessories, school uniforms, shoes, and more! This was everything I needed for back to school in one amazing stop.

    The Shoes Have It

    Shoes. This may just be an addiction I’ve passed down to my kiddies. They all love shoes and they all have their own individual style. This doesn’t always make shopping for them easy. Yet when I saw all the different styles of shoes offered on CookiesKids.com, I knew I would find something that would make all my children happy and comfortable for the entire school year.

    For my oldest daughter, who’s 9, I knew I would have to pick a sturdier style shoe, since she tends to make good use of the track and playground during recess. I’ve always loved Mary Jane style shoes. Something about them reminds me of my own uniform days. I decided to go with a simple design for her since she is my reigning tomboy and rather not have anything too ‘fancy‘.

    Back To School With Style and Savings

    I ordered shoes a whole size larger than those from last year. They fit her perfectly and even give her a bit of room to grow, so I’m happy!

    For my 7 year old girlie, I still went with a Mary Jane, but since she is our in house Princess I picked a very royal quilted style. She loved it at first sight! Similar to my oldest daughter, I ordered a full size up from last year. Again, the fit was great and she couldn’t wait to strut her style in her new shoes.

    Back To School With Style and Savings

    Strapping Up the Boots

    Finally, I shopped for my 5 year old Buddie, who is attending school for the first time this year. He’s going into kindergarten, and is a true rough and tough kinda kid. Again, like the girls, I ordered a size up from where he was in shoes last year. A boot had the support and durability my boy needs. Most noteworthy, I picked one with a Velcro closure, since we are still learning how laces work. He appreciated the choice, because now he can put his shoes on all by himself! Moreover, the fit was great, and he still has a bit of room too for growth throughout the year. As soon as he saw his shoes, he declared they were, “the coolest shoes ever!” I’d say that’s a definite Win for this Momma!

    Back To School With Style and Savings

    Topping It Off

    Shirts were next up on my list. This year our school introduced a new allowed shirt color: yellow. I was happy to see that CookiesKids.com offers a selection of nearly every school uniform color for shirts. As a bonus, they have shirts in many different styles as well. I decided to go with a polo style for all 3 kiddies. Similar to the shoes, I picked sizes by going up one whole size from what they were each wearing last year. If they start out the year with room for growth, then their clothes can last them through the end of the year. 

    Back To School With Style and Savings Uniform Polos

    Thanks to Cookie’s Kids, I was able to meet all my back to school uniform needs. In addition, I scored my youngest daughter a replacement lunch box with a bit of Pink Princess swirls, much to her little heart’s surprise.

    In conclusion, Cookie’s Kids offers high quality items from brands like French Toast, Laura Ashley, and Joseph Allen, all at prices that will fit any budget. Get your kids’ school year started in style at CookiesKids.com, where style and savings come together in an amazing way!

    Back To School With Style and Savings

    This post was sponsored by Cookie’s Kids


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