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    Beating the Back-to-School Blues

    Beat the Back to School Blues

    Where did summer go? Are your kids panicking about going back to school? How do we ease the transition for our kids?

    Some back-to-school anxiety has to do with losing summer’s freedom, which can be disappointing, but most of it comes from the challenges a new school year brings. Making new friends, taking on new academic challenges, and getting into a new routine can be a lot to handle.


    Stay Positive

    But if you can get your child to focus on the positive side of back-to-school, it will transform anxiety into excitement. Remind your kids that starting school isn’t just about having homework and waking up early again. Their favorite extra-curricular, whether it’s a sport or an afterschool club, will also be starting anew. Remind your kids of the friends they will be seeing every day and the new ones they’ll make. If you know for a fact that kids in your neighborhood or social circle will be starting in the same class/school/grade as your little one, set up some play dates so your child has a few friends on day one.

    New Year, New Responsibilities

    You can also use the back-to-school season to illustrate to your kids that with new responsibilities and challenges come new rewards. The start of an academic year is a great time to up your child’s allowance, allow a later bedtime, or finally give them that pet they’ve been bugging you for (or something like it). Let them know that if they prove that they can balance the busy schedule of school and extra-curriculars, rewards will follow.

    Dealing with a New School

    Starting a new school year is stressful, but starting at an entirely new school can be downright terrifying. It may take a while for them to adjust, and though they may not show it, they’ll be crying out for your support. Let your kids know that what they are experiencing is normal. Share stories with them about your former school anxieties and stresses. Let them know that in the end it all worked out, you made some lifelong friends and had some great times.


    Retail Therapy

    Of course, facing the first day back is a lot easier if you’re wearing a favorite outfit. Shopping for a first-day outfit together is a great way to show your child you wish them all the best with their new beginning.

    The great thing about back to school blues is how quickly is dissipates. By the end of September it’s usually a long forgotten memory. Luckily, their school clothes will last a lot longer!

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