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    Best Math Apps for Kids

    Best Math Apps for Kids

    The Best Math Apps for Kids

    Learning is always easier when it’s fun. So we’ve put together this list of the best math apps for kids. Some are free and some cost a few dollars, but all of them will help engage your child and improve their math skills at the same time! We did our best to include something for children of all ages and skill levels, here are our picks:

    Free Apps

    Peter Pig’s Money Coin Counter: Free

    For kids trying to learn about counting money, saving, and the US currency system, this app can’t be beat. Kids can practice sorting virtual coins and adding up their values. The neat graphics and voice interface are fun features.

    Wonder Bunny Math Race: Free

    Wonder Bunny Math race covers all the topics your little one will encounter in the second grade. Character customizations, bonuses, and 30 levels are sure to keep your little learner entertained for a long time. The beautiful interface features no ads or pop-ups, a feature not often found on free apps.


    Paid Apps

    Mathly Hollows: $1.99

    Mathly Hollows is a math-themed, magical adventure that’s designed to teach toward the common core standard. The speed can be adjusted, which makes it good for kids of different skill levels. The creative in-game reward system is a good motivator for kids. And with loads of levels to play through, you get a lot of value out of this app.

    Marble Math Jr.: $2.99

    Marble Math Jr. is a highly customizable app for parents trying to teach their kids about math. It has 3 difficulty levels and allows parents to set the game to focus on problem areas. The game itself is fun and highly addictive, so you should have no trouble getting your kids to play.

    Dragon Box Algebra: $4.99

    Dragon Box Algebra is designed to teach the basic concepts of algebra, equations, fractions, and more to kids as young as 5 or 6. The puzzle-solving gameplay style may be a bit tedious for some kids, but those already math-inclined will love it. Two versions exist: 5+ for younger kids and 12+ for older ones.

    What do you think are the best math apps for kids? We want to hear what your kids are playing in the comments!

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