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    Budget-Friendly Warm Weather Birthday Parties for Kids

    Budget-Friendly Warm Weather Birthday Parties for Kids

    We all want to throw the best birthday parties for kids. But, sometimes, budget concerns get in the way. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of awesome spring and summer birthday party ideas that won’t break the bank. Finally, you’ll be excited to throw a party that you know your kid will love!

    Since you can’t always count on the weather to hold out, we threw in a few indoor party ideas as well. Just make sure to check the forecast ahead of time to avoid any unexpected downpours. So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out how to throw the very best birthday parties for kids that your child and their friends are sure to enjoy.

    1. Spa Day

    Give your girls the ultimate spa experience! Turn on some relaxing music and form a massage circle where everyone turns to her left (or right) and massages the shoulders of the person in front of them. Next, find an easy facial mask recipe and try it out together. Each person can help by adding an ingredient or by mixing the formula at the end. After your facials, paint each other’s nails all sorts of crazy colors! (To avoid fighting over the best shade, a few girls can always braid each other’s hair during this time, and then switch.) Once everyone’s all primped, have them escape into the glamorous world of Hollywood by watching a classic makeover movie. This is a great time to bring out some delicious hot popcorn and beverages. To make the ultimate party drink, grab some grenadine and a bottle of Sprite to craft your very own Shirley Temples. Top each one off with a delicious Twizzler straw!

    2. Game Night

    Round up your child’s all-time favorite games to create a game night or casino party. Play interactive games, such as Scene It, Bingo, Apples to Apples, or Catch Phrase, in teams, or create your own casino-style games such as the ones mentioned here. Make sure the winners don’t go home empty-handed, either. Assign a small prize, such as candy, toys, stuffed animals, or gift cards, to each game. Finally, carry the theme throughout the event with game-themed invitations, decorations, and yummy treats for everyone!

    3. Backyard Campout

    Spend some much-needed time away from those devices and become one with nature! Start with a walk through the neighborhood (kids accompanied by an adult can try a fun and mysterious “trust walk,” a chain of kids holding hands and wearing blindfolds), or go for a short hike at a local park or nature center. (Don’t forget to wear the appropriate footwear!) To make things even more interesting, find out what the park is known for and make an effort to search out these attractions. Once everyone has reached the end, reward them with scrumptious dirt pudding cups. Next, it’s time to build some shelters. If you have tents on hand, help the little ones set those up in the backyard or in the living room. Otherwise, challenge them to build an indoor fort with blankets and sheets. Finish things off with an outdoor cookout, followed by a bonfire with s’mores.


    4. Art Studio

    Visit your local craft supply store to find a project your child would love to decorate. Picture frames or wooden objects can easily be adorned with stickers, glitter, paint, markers, and rhinestones. Cut up old magazines or newspapers to make collages. Solid-colored T-shirts are ripe for transformation. The possibilities are endless. Just remember to finish things off with a build-your-own sundae bar with sprinkles, M&Ms, whipped cream, and hot fudge. Who said you can’t DIY with food?

    5. Sports Theme

    If your son or daughter loves playing sports, throw them an outdoor sports party. Play a variety of games, including capture the flag, basketball (or H.O.R.S.E.), volleyball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, or softball. The sky’s the limit. Then, gather everyone around for a picnic full of kid-friendly finger foods, fruit, and hydrating sports drinks.

    Surely one of these ideas will interest your child. However, if you’re looking for birthday parties for kids that require less planning, consider heading to a local carnival, a miniature golf course, a minor league baseball game, or check out our Pinterest page to further spark your imagination. Best of luck!

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