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    Choosing the Right Babysitter

    Choosing the Right Babysitter

    Choosing the Right Babysitter

    Parents are usually anxious when trying out a new babysitter for the first time – understandably so. It’s hard to entrust the care of your children to someone you might not know very well. By investing some time and effort in choosing the right babysitter, however, you can ensure a more agreeable experience for yourself, your kids, and your new babysitter.
    References are key when selecting a sitter. Try to get a personal reference from a friend you trust. There are also websites that run background checks and can put you in contact with a sitter’s previous clients. A good reference isn’t a guarantee that a babysitter with jibe with your family, but it’s a good start.


    Once you’ve reviewed a sitter’s references, sit down and formulate some interview questions. You want to cover the basics – hourly rate, availability, transportation – but also get a feel for the applicant’s personality. More important than someone to watch your kids is someone who will get along with them.


    Evaluating Your Children

    Picking a sitter also involves evaluating your children. Does your little one need some help with homework? If so, maybe a sitter with experience as a tutor is the right choice. If your child is shy by nature, try to find a sitter that can bring them out of their shell and help them bond with peers. Generally, look for a babysitter with a personality that complements your child’s.

    Use a Play-Test

    Many parents employ a so-called “play-test”: hire the applicant for a couple of hours to watch your kids while you’re home. Without hovering too much, observe how your children and the sitter get along. Talk to your kids afterward to see what they thought of the potential sitter. This is a no-risk way to determine if the applicant is right for your family.

    Taking the time to pick the right babysitter will ensure a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship. A family can forge a very close bond with their sitter, so when it comes to choosing one, don’t rush it, trust your gut, and thoroughly evaluate the candidate. Good luck with your search!


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