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    Cookie’s Community: Heather W.

    Cookie’s Community: Heather W.


    Cookie’s Community is a monthly column where we highlight some of the amazing people behind the scenes at Cookie’s. The Cookie’s Kids community is unique and diverse and we are so excited to share our stories with our customers.

    Heather W., Longtime Cookie’s Customer

    In this month’s Cookie’s Community, we spotlight Heather W., a longtime member of the Cookie’s Kids family, and her son, Lorenzo.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where do you live? Where do you work?

    We live in New Port Richey, Fl., in the St. Petersburg area. I’m a mom and a landlord, and I also do nails.

    How did you first hear about Cookie’s?
    Lorenzo’s dad is actually from the Bronx! He told me about this cool store they had for kids when I was pregnant with Lorenzo. I looked up your website and fell in love.

    Wow! And how old is Lorenzo now?
    He’ll be 7 on November 22.

    So you’ve been shopping with us for quite a while. How would you describe Lorenzo and his style? What are some of his favorite things?

    He’s an amazing kid, into any sport you could think of. He’s very active in school and he has a light that just shines. His style is very hip and fashionable but with comfort so he can move around.

    He likes to help me pick out his outfits for the week, and he’s always matching from head to toe. We get a lot of compliments on his outfits and I always tell people about Cookie’s!


    Do you shop Cookie’s for gifts for friends and family as well?
    Yes! I just got my great nephew a pair of moto Chams jeans and I get all my nieces and nephews presents from Cookies. They know Aunt Heather keeps the kids looking cool!

    If you could eat only one kind of cookie, what would it be?
    White chocolate macadamia nut.


    Check back monthly for more stories from the amazing people who make up the Cookie’s Community!

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