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    Cookie’s Kids Sale on Swagbucks.com!

    From TSGal Presents: Cookie’s Kids Sale:

    Back to School season is not the only season you find yourself rushing to the department store, hunting for fresh gear that fits your child’s forever changing body, but it definitely is the season you rack up the largest bill for doing so.

    This year, Swagbucks is here with a deal for you: If you visit Cookies Kids found in the “Apparel and Accessories” section of the “Swag Store you can find brand new clothes for your growing tykes on sale for up to 50% off!

    The styles that can be found there, range from this princess “Penelope Mack” sundress:

    To these cutie patootie shorts for boys:

    And for the more casual days you’ll find an assortment of basic t-shirts and polos:

    CookiesKids.com is a site dedicated to keeping your kids in the most affordable and stylish gear possible, and if you need uniforms for your kids, check them out now for special offer of free shipping on school uniform orders totaling $99 or more.

    Make sure to pick up a $5 Cookie’s Kids Gift Card in the Swag Store first to save even more. The CookiesKids.com gear that can be found in the Swag Store ranges from 549 SB – 999 SB; not-to-shabby.

    Anyone in the Swag Nation have any back to school shopping secrets to share? Have you found a favorite ‘back to school’ offer this year from using Swagbucks?

    Well, one of these might be it, because I’ve hidden a code worth 6 Swag Bucks on the page of one of these three items. Hurry, though – you have until 11:00am Pacific time (August 10, 2010) to use it!

    Happy Hunting, Swagsters!


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