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    Cookie’s Takes a Walk on the Green Side

    Here at Cookieskids.com, we are just as concerned about our planet as you are.  While webstores are generally more earth-friendly than brick-and-mortar stores, we still try to do a little extra. 

    Here are some fun “green” facts about our Cookieskids.com operation:

    • All of the energy used for shipping out our packages is less than the energy that would be used if every customer drove to the store and back to shop.
    • We use recycled paper for all of our packing slips and are working to reduce the amount of paper used by 50% by reducing packing slip lengths from two pages to one.
    • Our webstore uses less energy to light up our warehouse than our stores do.
    • Products are shipped directly to our customers in bulk, bypassing the extra shipping to each of our warehouses and stores.
    • We also carry a variety of “green” friendly products that can alleviate some of that earth day guilt.  Click here to find our selection of cloth diapers, organic clothes, and BPA & PVC free products! 

    Interested in making some of your own earth day contributions?  

    • Check out Mashable’s “5 More Ways to Go Green for Earth Day” article here.
    • Hey, kids: Want to show your parents how it’s done? Check out GreenMyParents.com – Take control and help your family become earth friendly.

    Happy Earth Day!

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