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    Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

    Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

    Springtime, with its sense of renewal, is a perfect occasion to spark your children’s creative imaginations. These DIY spring crafts make use of everyday household materials and encourage young kids to explore their artistic side.

    Colored Coffee Filter Flowers

    You’ll never look at a coffee filter the same way again after your kids turn them into pretty, personalized flowers. You can use watercolor paint for the same effect (use an old ice cube tray to keep things mess-free) if you don’t have any markers laying around.

    Photo Credit: Wonderhowto.com

    What You’ll Need

    Plain coffee filters

    Pipe cleaners

    Spray bottle of water

    Assorted colored markers


    1. Set up supplies on a clean, flat surface

    2. Flatten out the coffee filters

    3. Draw a design directly on the filter, making sure the color seeps through to the other side

    4. Gently mist with water to blend the colors

    5. Fold filter in half, then half again

    6. Let dry for a few minutes then carefully open up and attach pipe cleaner in center of filter

    Rainbow Wind Catchers

    Rainbows are a pretty reward after a storm, but this fun and easy craft lets you recreate all their joy without any of the mess!

    Photo Credit: Aprettycoollife.com

    What You’ll Need

    Plain paper plates, cut in half

    Assorted acrylic paints or markers


    Tape or glue stick

    Assorted colored streamers


    1. Clear off a large, flat surface and set up supplies. If using paint, make sure to have bowls of water nearby to clean brushes

    2. Take half a paper plate and color with a rainbow design

    3. Cut streamers into strips of varying length

    4. When plate is ready, attach streamers to the back using tape or glue stick

    Yarn-Wrapped Vase

    You don’t necessarily need to have a vase laying around for this quick and easy craft – any glass bottle or jar will do. Get creative with the colored yarn and let your imagination run wild!

    Photo Credit: Handsonaswegrow.com

    What You’ll Need

    A clean, washed glass bottle or jar

    Assorted colored yarn




    1. Cut one end of the yarn and tape to the side of the bottle

    2. Wrap around bottle and tape in any design you want

    3. Repeat with different colors and lengths of yarn until bottle is covered

    Nature Mobile

    Flowers and plants are in bloom right now, and this easy-to-make mobile is a perfect way to bring nature indoors. Threading the flowers and leaves will help children develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and you can make the project more educational by looking up all the different types of flowers and plants online.

    Photo Credit: Danyabanya.com

    What You’ll Need

    Darning needles



    A medium sized twig

    Various flowers and leaves


    1. Cut off a length of thread and tie it to both ends of the twig, leaving enough room to let it hang comfortably

    2. Thread the needles and assemble the flowers and leaves on the string

    3. Tie off the thread and attach to the twig

    4. Repeat as many times as you like

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