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    Fall Family Activity Roundup

    Fall Family Activity Roundup

    Fall Family Activity Roundup

    A great fall family activity can engage your children, help everyone appreciate the smells and tastes of autumn, and even benefit the community. Here’s a look at some of our favorite ways to get everyone up and out this season.

    Apple Picking

    Fall is a great time to enjoy the outdoors for a number of reasons: fall foliage, a lack of extreme temperatures, and lots to do. Apple picking is a great way to take full advantage of everything fall has to offer.  You can spend time with your family outdoors while stocking up on delicious apples. Turning your haul of apples into pie or apple sauce can be another fun way to spend some family time.


    Planning for Halloween

    Many apple orchards also feature a pumpkin patch. Carving a pumpkin together as a family is the perfect way to set the spooky Halloween mood. Halloween presents a lot of opportunities for family fun. Preparing your house for the occasion can be an ongoing project; you can put up homemade decorations, cook special Halloween treats, and practice ghost stories to tell on the big night. If your kids want to spend the night out trick-or-treating, suggest working on a family costume. We’ve already posted lots of Halloween recipes and costume ideas on our Cookie’s Kids Pinterest board – be sure to check it out!

    Seasonal Cooking

    Trying out some seasonal recipes is a great way to spend a fall afternoon. Hearty foods with seasonal flavors, like pumpkin pie, chili, ginger bread cookies, and baked squash, are just the kind of rib-sticking meal kids and grown-ups alike crave in the fall. What could be more satisfying than working on a big meal as a family and then enjoying it together?

    Autumn Crafting

    Autumn presents a lot of great crafting opportunities. Activities like making leaf collages, collecting jars of acorns and pine cones will help build an appreciation for nature, while building a dream catcher with sticks gives you opportunities to forage for materials and then turn those materials into something wonderful. Combine whatever beautiful items you can find at your local park with whatever you already have in your home craft kit. Then, let your family’s creativity run wild!

    Collecting Canned Food

    Finally, Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to get your family involved in a charitable cause. Canned food drives, winter coat drives, and other seasonal charity works are a great way to give back and have fun as a family. Reach out to other families in the community to see what they can donate. You and your kids can make new friends while you work towards a noble cause.


    Now it’s your turn! What’s your favorite fall family activity? Leave us a note in the comments and share your best ideas!

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