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    Fun & Crafty Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Fun & Crafty Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Celebrating Father’s Day this weekend? While expensive gadgets are cool, a handmade Father’s Day gift and a thoughtful gestures can be a more welcome

    Check out our creative and budget-friendly Father’s Day gift ideas to make this year one to remember…

    For the BBQ-ing Dad

    If you have a grilling expert in your household, a BBQ tool holster is the perfect fit!  A basic tool belt can be filled with BBQ essentials like tongs, a spatula, and even a jar of his favorite sauce, collected just for him.  Grilling platters are another necessary item for grill masters that kids can custom-paint to create a cherished gift:

    Use ceramic paint on an ovenproof plate, dry it for at least 24 hours, then bake it at 300 degrees for 35 minutes.  

    Kids can make another hand-painted surprise with fabric paint and a tie; decorate, style, or create messages that Dad will want to rock with pride!

    The TV Lover

    Control over the television remote can be a battle at times, so why not give Dad that power for the day? Attach a bow and message to the remote control and present it to Dad.
    If he already has his cherished spot and control of the TV, create a thoughtful couch potato basket. Fill a basket with his favorite treats, comfy slippers, or that new video game that he’s been eyeing. Another basket idea: a “World’s Best ‘Pop’ ” bundle. Fill a container with clever goods like soda “pop,” popcorn, Pop Tarts, and lollipops.

    The Artsy Approach

    Here’s a fun idea for families that prefer a more artsy approach. Trace a child’s hands on colorful paper and decorate it with “I Love You” on one hand and “This Much!” on the other. Cut a separate piece of long paper to attach to both hands and fold accordion-style. Once Dad opens the card, the thoughtful message will unfold.

    Sidewalk chalk can also be used to create a large-scale message or drawing. You can either leave it for dad to see, or pose the kids in it and give Dad the photo. Shadow pictures are another unique way to create messages for Dad. Use poster boards or heavy card stock to create a message like “I Love Daddy.”

    We hope these ideas inspire a Father’s Day gift that shows Dad the love he truly deserves! For even more ideas, see the links below.






    Seneca A. Iscove is a blogger and frequent contributor to CookiesKids.com. Born and raised in NYC, she affiliates with other fairies and Jedi on the never-ending quest to find the perfect time to write. A mass media enthusiast and truth seeker, Seneca admits that she likes cookies-but prefers birthday cake!

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