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    Fun Filled Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

    Are you looking for the perfect activity to do with your kids this Sunday in honor of Independence Day?

    Creative Kids Ideas is featuring adorable and easy to follow crafts ideas to create with your children that are perfect simply as a fun arts & crafts activity or as something cute and homemade to use as decoration at your Fourth of July celebrations.

    Patriotic Party Wand

    This cute star-shaped party wand is perfect for kids to wave at an Independence Day party, parade or fireworks display. It’s made from simple, inexpensive craft supplies, such as a wooden skewer, pipe cleaners (red, white and blue ones, of course!), felt, ribbon, and craft glue.

    Flag Planter

    Are you looking for a patriotic craft project suited for older children (or adults)? This Fourth of July Flag Planter is an excellent choice. Made from recycled materials (a 2-liter plastic bottle and a small cardboard box), wooden craft sticks, acrylic paint and glue, the sturdy planter will provide hours of fun to create and years of Americana decoration as it houses your favorite plants and flowers.

    Firecracker Noisemaker

    Kids will get a bang (Get it? Bang. Firecracker.) out of  making and playing with this fun noisemaker designed to look like a firecracker. Again, this project uses recycled materials and items commonly found around the house – a paper towel tube (a smaller firecracker can be made by using a toilet paper roll); crepe paper; plastic covers (from milk jugs or juice bottles); pipe cleaners; craft glue; and beads, bells, pasta, rice (or anything else that makes noise). The finished product will be a fun, safe way for your kids to make noise during a Fourth of July celebration. It also serves as a playful addition to an Independence Day party, as a party favor or decoration.

    Uncle Sam Hat

    Get your children involved with Fourth of July home decorations or party preparations by enlisting their help to make this whimsical addition. All that is needed to make an Uncle Sam Hat is one recycled plastic container with a lid (like one used for sour cream or cottage cheese), felt, and craft glue. To add a fun twist to your Independence Day get-together, create a group of these Uncle Sam Hats and fill them with them with party favors or candy, and give them out to your guests.

    Complete instructions on how to make the patriotic wand, flag planter, firecracker noisemaker, or Uncle Sam hat, can be found by reading Jo Brielyn’s article, Fun Fourth of July Crafts for Kids.

    Do you have an article idea, craft idea, book, or product related to Independence Day or patriotism you would like to share with the readers of Creative Kids Ideas? Emails are always welcome at Admin@CreativeIdeas.com or you can comment below!


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