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    Get Your Kids To Read More Often

    These days, it can seem like children just aren’t reading anymore. In an age of video games, cable channels, mobile phone apps, and the 24/7 internet, the idea of picking up a book can seem downright quaint. But reading hasn’t totally fallen out of favor, even though getting kids hooked on reading books that don’t feature boy wizards and sparkling vampires may still be a difficult task. Luckily, we’ve got some ideas on how to encourage your kids to read a wide variety of books.

    Hooked on Reading

    With a little effort you can help your kids find the right books to match their interests. Do they like dinosaurs? Fairies and magic? Mythological Greek gods settling their conflicts with a not-so-friendly game of football? There are books out there that tackle these subjects and many more obscure ones. Helping them find a subject they like will help encourage the habit of reading.


    Get Them Motivated

    If they need a little push, offer kids rewards and incentives for reading. Maybe let them stay up past their bedtime if the time is spent reading. Or perhaps exchange a minute of television or video game time for every minute of reading. Perhaps you’ll find that your children will want to polish off another chapter instead of blowing up aliens on their PlayStation.


    E-Readers Are a Lifesaver

    The recent explosion of tablets and e-readers makes having access to books easier than ever before. These devices can hold hundreds, even thousands, of e-books, meaning your children can have a virtual library at their fingertips anytime. And you needn’t worry about spending a fortune to fill your child’s e-reader to capacity, since many libraries offer downloadable versions of books already in their collection.

    The Power of Reading

    It may take time and encouragement to instill a love of reading in your child, but once you do it’s as if you’ve pulled back a curtain and showed them a new dimension to their young lives. Books are ultimately transporting; they let you slip through time, travel to the far reaches of the galaxy, and even live another person’s life. Once your children discover the extraordinary power of books, they’ll almost never want to put them down.

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