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    Getting over Bedwetting

    Getting over Bedwetting

    Many kids and parents don’t feel comfortable talking about bedwetting, even with a pediatrician. What causes bedwetting and how can you cure it?

    The Causes of Bedwetting

    Bedwetting has a number of causes, all of which relate to the development of the body and the brain. Young children have smaller bladders that hold less urine. Furthermore, in many children the part of the brain that suppresses certain activities during sleep (like walking or urinating) is not fully developed. This underdevelopment in the brain is thought to be the reason kids don’t wake up when their bladder sends a signal to their brain during deep sleep. Pediatricians caution parents never to get angry at a child for wetting the bed. They simply have no control over it. It is not a sign of mental or physical problems as some people believe.


    Curbing the Problem

    Kids almost always outgrow their bedwetting phase, but until that time parents can take steps to curb it. The first thing you should do is talk to your pediatrician. They can help you rule out any serious ailments that could be behind the bedwetting. Medication does exist for bedwetting, and many parents find it effective. But it also has a downside: when kids stop taking the medication, the bedwetting returns. Medication can be a good solution for summer camp or on the night of a sleepover, but parents should consider other solutions.

    Most experts suggest having an alarm. This alarm has a sensor you clip to your child’s pajamas. It goes off when they start inadvertently going to the bathroom. Although they need to pee for the alarm to go off, it does help cultivate the neurological link between a full bladder and an alert to the brain saying, “Wake up!”

    Speak to your Doctor

    A short chat with your child’s pediatrician and a few preventative measures should help you and your child bring a bedwetting phase to an end. Once the problem goes away, it almost never comes back. And, once your child gets over it, don’t forget to check out our kids sleepwear section – a handsome reward for a growing kid.

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