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    Halloween Decoration on a Budget

    Halloween Decoration on a Budget

    Halloween Decoration on a Budget

    Decorating your home for Halloween can cost you next to nothing. Plus, creating some spooky crafts as a family is a sure way to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. Check out five of our favorite DIY Halloween decorations – easy to make and guaranteed to scare!



    All you need to make a DIY Halloween tombstone is a piece of cardboard and some paint. Just cut the cardboard into a tombstone shape, paint it grey, and compose a chilling epitaph (or a simple “RIP”). Put them up around your house or in your front yard. Speckle your tombstone with some fake blood for an extra spooky effect – “look, this one’s fresh!”

    Specimen Jars

    Turn your home into a mad scientist’s lab with some spooky specimen jars. Take glass jars or other clear containers and fill them with water and, if you want, food coloring or other dye. Add spooky stuff to the water, like toy bugs and creatures, filled latex gloves (“a severed hand!”), or even a real beef heart (see your local butcher and keep the raw meat away from the kids). For a haunting glow, buy non-toxic glow sticks, activate them, and spill the liquid into the jars.

    Spider Webs

    You can make your own spider webs by folding a garbage bag and cutting away sections, just how you would make a paper snowflake. Small spider webs can be used inside your home, while larger ones are suitable for outdoors. Decorate your webs with some plastic spiders, or cut a spider silhouette out of black construction paper.

    Floating Ghosts

    Making an ornamental ghost is easy as rubber banding some white cloth over a helium balloon. Draw a spooky ghost face on the cloth (remember, the ghost should look like they’ve been dead for hundreds of years and very upset about it) and tether the balloon to something to prevent it from floating away. When it gets dark, your ghost will look like she’s eerily hovering. This decoration looks great on your front yard or floating in your window.


    Shrunken Heads

    Peel the skin off an apple and let it sit out for a few days until it becomes brown and soft. Then carve a spooky face into it with a knife. You can use googly eyes, beads, or anything else you may have around the house for extra decoration.

    What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for Halloween on a budget? Share with us here or on our Facebook!

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